The complete life-cycle for financial advice

Empower your advisors with our digital tools and get a full picture of their clients’ situation, to align them with their strategy. This approach reinforces the relationship between your professionals of the financial industry and your clients, increasing transparency and loyalty 

Strategies & Model Portfolio

Design your own model portfolios from our asset database, selecting your own criteria.


Get a full view of the customer’s personal, financial and wealth information and prioritise all commercial activities for advisers to put forward proposals.

Investment Proposal

Get a personalised investment proposal in accordance with the client’s needs using our sophisticated, centralised system.

Financial Planning

Help customers maximise their financial resources through a systematic approach and the financial tools needed to achieve their goals.

Portfolio Management

Get access to the most relevant and up-to-date information on your clients’ investments, displayed on a dynamic and homogeneous format.

Portfolio Reports

Provide your customer with clear, accurate data about their investments, with an automatic, scalable and flexible solution for their specific needs.


Promote active follow-up on clients in accordance with a unique warning system that combines different business, market and customer-centred conditions.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Automatically rebalance your clients’ portfolio processes, also perform and make adjustments to the asset allocation of your client’s portfolio in accordance with the specific investment policy.


Consult, effectively and easily, the most important aspects of everyday management tasks, and use these as the starting-point in the monitoring and management of your clients, and their proposals and portfolios.

Discretionary Portfolio

Enable this service to automate all activity relating to comprehensive management of a discretionary portfolio service.

Order Management

Monitor the orders that result from the rebalancing processes, which are sent automatically to the transactions system, and easily manage the associated activities and processes.

Business Intelligence

Run advanced analyses such as hypothesis-testing and activity predictions, with data-mining and on-line analysis processing tools.

DATA QUALITY ASSURANCE, monitors data allowing early detection of possible data errors in the portfolios. Includes different modules including administration, statistics and much more.

Find out how to achieve the full cycle of financial planning and digital transformation with Tower

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Benefits of TechRules Tower

Industrialize investment process

while supporting personalization with customers

Improved productivity

Enhances the efficiency of financial advisors and improves customer service.

Operational efficiency

Modular, scalable and flexible architecture, according to each entity’s specific requirements

Continuous product innovation and R&D

A technology solution that provides an answer for the entire financial-advice process

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