The secret to enlarge customer base with APIs: Discretionary Management Robo Advisor in Latin America

Creating digital resources that can make investments easier for both, financial firms and final users


Demanding is usually a typical word in the FinTech industry: developments are demanding, platforms are demanding, the design is demanding, interaction with final customers is demanding… Should “demanding” be always the buzz word? In TechRules we don’t agree.After more than 20 years of developing technological solutions for finances, we can provide with resources that can make investments easier for both companies and final users.


This is what we are currently doing in Latin America. The handicap is high: how to enlarge the customer base with medium-income people for a financial company? How can this company offer discretionary management advisory with lower prices? First of all, we have analysed the specific characteristics of the market to adjust our solutions.


  • 1. The platform has to be easy. The best way was a combination of flexible APIs focused on specific tasks that can build the full platform.
  • 2. This modular design reduces not only initial costs but also maintenance because future developments will be easy to implement and with almost no risk of incompatibility.
  • 3. The platform structure will be independent of design. That means that there is great flexibility for the company. It can design an interface with the corporate look and feel that can be changed at any time with no effects on the modules.
  • 4. In the case the firm would like to implement new features, the switch will be also easy and fully compatible, as the API codes are very standardised.
  • 5. TechRules specific APIs will be a competitive advantage for the company putting in place the required functionality to comply with profiling, investment proposals, model portfolios, reporting among many others.
  • 6. The API platform will be built with a simple structure that will answer the specific needs from the company (as calculations, engines or algorithms) and from the final customer (easy to use, clear reporting, simple interface, intuitive profiling).



Future final customers of our Robo Advisor in Latin America will find an interface in which they will easily register and get their profiling with a simple questionnaire to be able to set investment objectives and do the follow up accordingly. These questionnaires will comply with legal requirements with time-saving for people, after the application of language processing solutions that makes the process more intuitive.


After they have obtained their profile, final customers can choose the best model portfolio. In this point, TechRules experience in asset management and algorithms through Gear Investments UK (FCA regulated company) help financial advisers create the best combinations of assets from the most conservative to the most risky. Even more, the specific API can be programmed to rebalance the portfolio every certain period in order to withdraw the worst assets and change them for others with better performances.


Final customers can follow their investments and obtain simple reports with the most relevant figures, as we think that more data does not mean better information.


In the end, it is about developing technological solutions to improve the results of the company and also improve individual investment returns. Modularity, application of APIs for specific tasks, implementation of machine learning and natural language processing, attractive look and feel, easy interface and customer interaction: these are the 5 main principles for a successful FinTech solution that TechRules follows.

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