TechRules: working to be a “best practices” company

At TechRules we have been always looking for the wellbeing of our employees and trying to have a great work environment. But we also like to make a positive impact inside and outside the workplace and this is why we collaborate with some ONGs that just try to improve the quality of living of many communities around the world.


We collaborate with I&C (Investment and Cooperation), a fundraising that imparts financial courses in Latin America, but also with Ayuda en Acción (Help in Action), an ONG that develops humanitarian projects around the world since 1981. This organization centers its projects on activities that directly benefit women and children, but whenever an action like this is implemented, all the community sees an improvement. With the pandemic, these communities have been very damaged and now more than ever we should push that kind of actions. 


From all the projects this ONG has, we have decided to contribute on five, four in Latin America and one in Africa. The families living in the rural zone of the project in Mozambique confront very hard living conditions, in a country where the Human Development Index is so low that they have been classified in the list of the less developed countries. In this community several activities are taking place, like the alphabetization and the fight against child labour and undernourishment. In this case, TechRules has made a group adoption, which has permitted us to be in contact with a nice group of girls and boys.  


*From left to right, standing up: Jaime, Assane, Anatercia, Constansia y Eunice.

Sitting down: Crisanto, Costa, Rosalina y Teresa.

In Latin America we have intervened in projects in Ecuador and Bolivia in which we have made one individual sponsorship on each country, Maryi and Evelín. In Ecuador the intervention helps 34 communities in which there is a health emergency arising from the contamination of rivers and the lack of drinking water, which generates high malaria levels that contribute to the desnutrition of the youngest population. In Bolivia the main problem is the low literacy rate where only 15% of primary and secondary school students achieve a satisfactory school performance.


In Central America the projects we contribute to are located in El Salvador and Mexico and in this case we have the honour to sponsor Manuela and Eden. The families living in the intervened zone of El Salvador are facing a terrible situation, with high levels of poverty and exclusion that prevent them from developing new opportunities to improve their quality of living. In the Mexican area, the activities have been focused on the training and educational reinforcement, also in promoting local development through trade and the improvement of the entire production chain. 



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