TechRules, ready to show their solutions in the Private Banking Conference: Switzerland 2016


TechRules, the leading consultancy and wealth management software provider for financial entities, is ready to show their solutions in the next “Private Banking Conference: Switzerland 2016”, that will take place next Thursday 8th December


TechRules will take part in an active discussion about the future of the wealth management industry. We are living steady and quick changes due to the technological evolution and as companies as customers wonder a huge list of questions: meeting the customer demands, effects of a great deal of regulations, new challenges under the current market conditions, amongst others. In the Conference, industry experts will discuss about the answers.


The company will take part in the Conference with a keynote session about the role of digitalisation and new technological developments: global platforms, innovative solutions or the role of the broadly known roboadvisors. In our stand in the Conference, we will also show demos and solutions that have provided the current success with cutting-edge technology developed by a team of experts in both fields: ICT and finances.




The TechRules Business Development Director, Mr. Borja Chapa, who will hold the session, explains that “our company has a long history of successful stories with their customers, because we develop specific and flexible solutions to tackle a wide range of activities. We consider that accurate reporting, modular easy-to-use platforms and value added services that improve the relationship with the final customer are key to develop a strong business in the current financial landscape. We think that the private banking industry faces a turning point, as people ask for more technology, although they do not reject the direct relationship with the wealth manager. On the contrary, they are looking for a new model that combines the best of both. This model is what TechRules always promoted and still do it. We provide the appropriate technological solutions, so that wealth managers uses them as a tool to improve the contact with the current savvy investors”.


Key references for TechRules in the Private Banking Conference: Switzerland 2016
• Contact: Mr. Borja Chapa, Business Development Director
• Session 3: “The Next Wave of Digital Investors and the Role of Roboadvisors” at 15.00h
• Marriot Hotel, Zurich.

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