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The world of finance has a tendency to be perceived by those most profane as something inaccessible, incomprehensible and lacking the intuitive traits to make it both secure and enjoyable. On the other hand, one constant risk that never fails to come to mind when one invests, capable of driving away new and potential investors, is the inevitable fear of losing a portion of one’s savings.


For this reason, having access to an environment which enables secure and enjoyable investment – free of risk – is becoming a necessity for those who are seeking their first contact. These individuals crave a primal experience which will guarantee a learning process built on trial and error.


TechRules, a pioneer in FinTech in their field as well as in financial investment solutions supply, remains one step ahead of the rest by presenting BeursRally, a game which allows one to invest in markets using fictional money, but based entirely on real data supplied by Euronext.


What is Beurs Rally?


BeursRally, which was developed by TechRules, is the result of an adaptation of investment solutions
to fit a model game as a form of education for its users, and including the possibility to make fictional transactions. The technology which makes this possible derives from TOWER, a powerful tool by TechRules for wealth management.


The simulation game has been available now for some weeks, allowing its first users to become familiar with the tool. The official launch took place on November 21st, the starting date on which all indicators were set to 0 in order to simultaneously begin the simulation. The only requirement to be able to play is to create a virtual account, free of charge. Nothing else.


The dynamics of this simulation are exactly the same as in real life investments. The rules are the same, the functions are as well, and the market value data is extracted in real time. Basically, it’s a simulation that adds one important key element: competitivity among its users.


Every game has an objective and BeursRally, being far from an exception, confirms this norm. The goal, in this case, is to achieve the best performance for a virtual portfolio after the 10-week time frame during which the simulation lasts with a starting capital of 50.000 €, although more capital can be gained through trivia. All players are added to a ranking, which adds a gaming component to the investment experience. Whoever ranks in first place, wins.


During the 10 weeks, every player must follow their virtual investment portfolio while selling, buying, changing their financial assets’ positions, etc. Moreover, the game offers a wide variety of financial products with access to the stock markets in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and stock values such as the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and an extensive list of investment funds. Every element is so coherently realistic that tension is experienced as if actual capital is invested, making the experience and learning process worthwhile as of the very first minute of the game.


Inspired on the most powerful tools


Even more so, the environment and the game’s interface correspond to an adaptation of TechRules’ solutions, a complete portfolio management software which allows you to create and manage your virtual portfolio with professional data and tools. Additionaly, it allows for high quality quantitative data analysis, creating a customized list of values of interest among the existing thousands around the world, organizing alerts and notifications, and planning investments and optimizing the virtual portfolio to increase its efficiency, among other utilities.


Adapting a tool this powerful to make it available in a simulation that uses real data was taken as an initiative with the clear objective to bring the world of finance closer to different user profiles: from those most experienced, to those with the least expertise, including even students who want to take the first step in establishing contact with professional tools used to make real investments.


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