TechRules in the new covid era: helping companies achieve their goals

While adapting its own team to the new challenges imposed by the pandemic, TechRules has been key in the improvement of innovative digital tools that have been helping companies like santalucía to interact with their clients in the most effective way.


The Media and IT director of  santalucía Asset Management,  Damián Fraire, has talked about how they have been ahead of the pandemic, working in solving  new customer needs with specific innovations that will impulse talent in the new scenario.


In terms of the future of the wealth management Freire talked about how the Covid has affected the industry and how santalucía was already facing this new challenges: “ the wealth management industry has to address those problems the pandemic has exposed, and santalucía Asset Management was already born as a 100% digital manager,  having a digital relationship with our saving agents and what is more important, with our direct customers through our digital platform. This digital interaction has allowed us to communicate with intern and extern clients in an agile and proactive way, making this a key feature in the situation we had been living. Our technological adaptation also allowed us to have a complete team teleworking in a short period of time.


The main digital advantage for santalucia´s customers is that they are the centre of their strategy. This is why they have an onboarding solution (digital registration) for customers based on Cloud (contract management, online documentation, KYC (know your customer), MIFID profiling, etc) and they offer a digital version of their products and services, with an electronic signature advanced process, and all the protection and security mechanisms that keep all the client´s information safe.


As other digital projects to highlight in with TechRules has been closely working with this financial entity we have the actual personalized relationship digital model and new Cloud solutions for developing a wide range of “front to back” activities. For the post Covid era, Freire says they are making an strategic review to identify which economic and social changes are coming and be ready to fulfil the digital needs. The main pillars are focused on supporting customers on their digital transition, creating new tools and apps that will empower them and constructing new ways for managing documentation and contracts.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data or Blockchain are some of the tools companies like this are using to achieve their new goals, and TechRules has years of experience helping enterprises to be every day more efficient on their communication with clients, helping them and their agents to take the best investment decisions.  This company is always working in a continuous improvement process, and their vision is centred on seeking and generating cases that allow them to accelerate the implementation of this new helpful technologies. It is very important to give managers and saving agents artificial intelligent tools to identify systematic biases in investment decisions, use Blockchain to optimize fond distribution and enforce our cyber security using new algorithms to analyse and detect fraudulent activity.

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