TechRules and Sinqia: the perfect complete solution for the Brazilian wealth management market

TechRules and  Sinqia S.A., provider of technology for the financial market, announce that they have signed a partnership contract to offer combined back and front solutions for the wealth management of financial entities and covering all the lifecycle of financial advice.


Sinqia´s Product Manager, Marcelo Duarte, says that getting into the Brazilian market is not easy and that this union is “a perfect marriage” since the solutions offered by both companies complement each other and did not have “any solution focused in the wealth management segment in Brazil with a scope like TechRules has”. 


With this partnership, Sinqia now offers solutions through state of the art APIs, for the private wealth service, including the management of big fortunes, reinforcing its plan to expand the segments in which it operates, complementing the solutions for Asset Managers, Private Banking, Family Offices and Advisors. For TechRules this partnership completes its innovative portfolio management with an exceptional backoffice, which gives the client a perfect solution for the entire investment and wealth management process. 


TechRules is present in more than 19 countries and our solutions have more than 2 million final users. In our more than 20 years offering modular, scalable and apified solutions based on artificial intelligence, we have become a fintech worldwide benchmark in wealth management.  And we keep searching for strategic partnerships that make us grow, expand and continue innovating to offer the best service to our clients. 


Sinqia, a Brazil based company is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. With more than 25 years of experience it is one of the biggest fintechs in the world, with more than 1.300 employees and more than 110.000 shareholders. An innovative profile makes Sinqia a benchmark for pioneering technology companies investing in the stock market and for TechRules it is a key opportunity to grow: “this union will also set the course of the future in the Wealth Management segment, as has happened on other occasions internationally”. 


This international partnership between TechRules and Sinqia has been mentioned in several media, highlighting the growth that the Latinamerican group is going to achieve thanks to TechRules wealth management software and investment tools. 

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