TechRules and cominvest green: comdirect’s successful sustainable Robo Advisor 

Madrid, 21 Feb 2022. cominvest, one of the German leaders for Robo Advisory, has taken a further step in its banking offer by creating a new portfolio strategy with sustainable criteria for its clients.



ESG regulation is changing the way of investing and comdirect, a brand of Commerzbank AG,  has understood very well how to expand its range of products and services. By launching the additional Robo Advisory offer “cominvest green”, customers will have the opportunity to let their finances be managed in a sustainable manner with assets and security based on ESG criteria that meet the needs of the most investors.



During this process, our team has collaborated directly with the comdirect teams, defining, developing and launching this new range of portfolios on the market. After the success of the Robo Advisor cominvest, which at the beginning of 2022 exceeded the figure of 1,000 million euros under management, comdirect wanted to remain at the forefront of the industry by developing an additional, sustainable and innovative product. With the aim of making a positive contribution to the environment, the German broker has created this product so investments respect the governmental, social and environmental aspects.



The head of comdirect brokerage, Bjoern Andersen, explained the need to adapt solutions to market requirements: “important future topics relating to the climate crisis have arrived in the financial sector. More and more investors are planning or are already implementing a sustainable investment. cominvest green meets these new customer needs and at the same time we are fulfilling our ecological responsibility as a bank.”



Since 2009 TechRules, with its specialized Model Portfolios (MPS) service and its software Tower, has been a strategic comdirect partner in the definition and implementation of its model portfolios offering. The new sustainable Robo Advisor continues with the same comprehensive service with portfolios tailored to risk profile and automatic reporting and adjustments based on experienced algorithms. Our specialized Model Portfolios service has analyzed and identified the suitability of the different asset classes to be used that allow an adequate diversification within the ESG investment world.



comdirect, as one of the market leaders for Robo Advisory in Germany, has wanted to go further and improve the overall quality of its customer service. For this reason, different aspects of the comdirect portfolio construction process have been reviewed and improved, and the impacts and improvements will be reflected in both the classic and green offerings of its model portfolios.



The CEO of TechRules, Jaime Bolívar, highlights that “adaptation to new regulations and market criteria is essential to offer innovative products adjusted to new trends and we are very proud to have participated in the development of this new product line”.


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