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TechRules has more than 20 years of experience helping financial entities worldwide with their digitalization and providing them with the most innovative solutions in the market so that they can offer their clients investment platforms with the highest quality.


Digital transformation is challenging for most financial institutions nowadays and, sometimes, they find obstacles along the way such as lack of knowledge, resources, methods and, especially, shortage of efficient solutions. However, the benefits they gain with digitalization are considerable: they become more flexible and agile with client management, they get access to updated data resulting in an increase in productivity and team efficiency. Additionally, another key factor is the ease of communication with their clients, decreasing associated costs and improving the entities’ position in the market. 


Considering the technological evolution of our society in the last few years (approximately, 3 of every 10 cybernauts in the world have used banking applications, highlighting countries like Denmark or Finland where more than 90% of their population make online financial operations), this digital transformation has became a much needed aim for financial entities, being requested by the vast majority of their clients. That’s why banks from all over the world are constantly innovating, evolving and trying to find new ways to stand out from their competition. Because they are aware of what their clients and investors expect from them: a 24/7 reliable, personalized, efficient and quality service, with the highest level of security and performance.


We also have to keep in mind that, when financial entities do things well and their products meet customers expectations, increases in demand happen. In order to manage those situations it’s important to have a flexible and highly scalable infrastructure.


Because of this, TechRules, offers financial entities a very successful SaaS model that allows them to install the solution in the cloud without the need to make further investments in infrastructure. The benefits are significant, including cost savings, more flexibility (they are accessible from anywhere as well as customizable and scalable), more secure (implementing the latest protective measures), and TechRules being in charge of their maintenance and updating.


In summary, it’s essential to have customer-oriented and quality resources, methods and solutions with the highest level of security and efficiency to be able to offer your clients new and better software solutions such as:


Tower: It’s a 360-degrees Wealth Management platform that helps financial advisors to efficiently manage a large number of customer portfolios and investments. This advanced APIfied software allows, amongst other things, to design model portfolios, make investment proposals (including ESG models), prepare personalized and automatic reports for each client, offer strong financial planning, and even run marketing campaigns to increase advisors’ productivity.  In addition, it offers a complete CRM with alerts that makes daily activity management easier. That is to say, the asset manager will be able to automate the investment process in order to minimize potential data errors and exponentially increase the ROI.

Robo Advisor: We introduced our Tower platform within the Robo Advisor’s financial platform. This hybrid Wealth Management solution offers discretionary management and combines digital and traditional advice. It’s a multi-goal, multi-country and multi-currency platform, and it’s also able to customize investment advice to any kind of investors, depending on their goals or risk tolerance. It’s important to be able to offer a strong Onboarding that complies with regulations as well as carefully and independently tracking each client’s action on the platform.

Model Portfolio Services: We offer advanced consultancy services that use artificial intelligence to create appropriate model portfolios for each investor and entity, depending on their risk tolerance. Our team of financial experts is responsible for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data from 10.000 local and global funds in order to develop the best investment strategies for every client, depending on their profile and goals. Moreover, our consultants also offer full support throughout the investment process, besides carefully following each client’s investment and writing detailed audit, commercial and investment reports.


We also provide financial entities with APIfied solutions thanks to our Wealth Management API marketplace so they can create their own Robo Advisors or custom-made solutions, showing them the automated steps to be followed. Our APIs can easily be integrated with in-house or third party solutions, they have a reduced time-to-market and meet the highest security standards. Furthermore, they also meet MiFID II and local regulations of each country. 


All the Wealth Management solutions mentioned above meet the highest security standards. TechRules takes security very seriously and we commit ourselves to protect our clients’ data as we are very aware of  the threats and dangers of financial institutions to suffer cyber attacks and the massive problems and losses that can lead to (not only financially but also regarding data, time or reputation). Moreover, that can also cause important issues to their clients. Because of that, our platforms are developed in a way that allows us to prevent security problems from the bottom as well as offering the maximum level of protection and meeting demanding international legislations.


Ultimately, we know the value that we have given to our clients over the years, growing in different segments and countries with them. Our extensive experience in the industry and innovative solutions are our foundation to help you offer the best services in the market to your clients. Our goal is to continue improving and innovating our solutions so that we can fulfill our client’s most demanding requests and requirements. 


We will be pleased to assist you with your digital transformation and become your software provider. Let ‘s talk!

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