Outstanding Results

TechRules is a technological partner of numerous financial entities worldwide such as private banking agents, online banking and brokers, who use TechRules’ Wealth Management solutions to grow in an international level. Nowadays, TechRules counts with a select client portfolio, built up by prestigious worldwide renewed institutions.

Thanks to the implementation of TechRules technological solutions, these institutions have achieved outstanding results in the financial advisory and wealth management processes. Visit our success stories to obtain more information about them.

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How to bring another EAFI to success with TechRules Robo advisor.


A financial institution duplicated its profit in a period of three years. Now standing more than 1.400 million euros and improving its efficiency radio ups to 40%


GBM hires TechRules technical analysis for online brokerage services.


Portfolio advise: a great project who industrializes the process for multi-channels and multi-functions


The largest financial institution in Mexico trains it’s sales network with our Investment Game


Fund reporting. TechRules developed a tailor made, web base, scalable and modular solution


TechRules Tower has been chosen by .comdirect for its new project “Brokerage News Generation”.


Techrules with IEB: digital transformation of financial advice.


Study by the Polytechnic University of Valencia on Financial Planning for an employee who completed his pension funds using TechRules technology