Commitment to
Social Responsibility

Our family foundation I&C, INVERSION Y COOPERACION (I&C), was created by a family business group existing since 1987 and specialising in financial advice, financial education ( and financial technology ( our goal has been leveraging those 30 years’ expertise to promote social inclusion through financial education and technology as the base of the pyramid.

I&C’s “Saving for Learning” project is about practical financial, administrative and entrepreneurship education through savings groups and the use of advanced cloud-mobile technology ( to measure impacts, monitor group financial transactions and manage project quality.

By generating “wealth” in terms of education, savings and self-management capabilities, we achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency.

The alignment between our business history and our foundation’s social inclusion project is extremely high. I&C’s Saving for Learning is just an extension of our work to fight social exclusion.

Moving Silver: a micro-saving project developed by the I&C Foundation

What we do

We promote small communities (10 to 30 people) based on mutual trust

We teach them how to manage long-term savings by themselves

We help them to organise and regulate themselves

We help them manage their loans and their accounting records as a community

We train them to make democratic decisions

100% practical and collective methodology

We have