Commitment to Social Responsibility

Our family foundation, I&C, INVERSION Y COOPERACION (I&C) was born from a family business group specialized in financial advise, financial education ( and financial technology ( since 1987. It is our goal since the beginning to leverage on this 30 years expertise through our foundation to promote social inclusion through financial education and technology at the baste of the pyramid.

I&C's "Saving for Learning" project is about practical financial, administrative and entrepreneurship education through savings groups and the use of advanced cloud-mobile technology ( to measure impact, monitor group financial transactions and control project quality.

By generating "wealth" in terms of education, savings and self-management capabilities we achieve a strong degree of self-sufficiency.

Alignment between our business history and our foundation’s social inclusion project is extremely high. I&C's Saving for Learning is just an extension of our work to fight social exclusion.

foundation woman

Moving Silver: a micro-saving project developed by the I&C foundation

What we do

  • icorespo01We promote small communities (10 to 30 people)
    based on mutual trust
  • icorespo02We convince them of the need for long-term savings
    and education to manage ther savings by
  • icorespo03We help them organize and self-regulate
  • icorespo04We teach them how to manage loans within the community
    and how to keep their accounting records
  • icorespo05We train them to make democratic decisions
  • icorespo06The education that we spread works because it is 100%
    practice, and reinforced because it is repetitive and collective

​Educating to generate long-term saving
and management skills is our challenge

Know the project

Our role through our coaches
is only to EDUCATE.