Security: gaps and solutions for the optimal performance of financial institutions

Security has always been, and will continue to be one of the fundamental pillars of wealth management software and is becoming increasingly important in fintech companies. The customer’s data protection is essential to comply with legal regulations and generate user loyalty.


Due to recent events like the pandemic or the current situation between Ukraine and Russia, cyberattacks have become a true reality. Digitisation has accelerated all processes, but this does not mean that vulnerability must increase. Customer data protection is essential, even in crisis situations.


Our wealth management software, Robo advisors and end customer solutions  take security into consideration as we know that security breaches can lead to significant losses, many of them irrecoverable. Companies face significant financial and reputational losses, as well as data losses, that can lead to a loss of their intellectual property (know-how) and consequently, loss of customers. These losses can occur in the short, medium and long term, so it is crucial to tackle the information security problem with strategies and plans that must be reviewed periodically.


In the current financial institutions business, it is essential for us to maintain our commitment to customers to ensure maximum protection for their data and their business. We always develop our solutions keeping in mind all the key aspects that affect security, right from product design to implementation, delivering our financial software with the strictest security criteria in the industry.


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