We create and implement your own Robo-Advisor solution according to your needs and with an easy and smart technology

Personal design

A flexible platform to develop your own robo-advisor business line

Full compliance

An adaptable solution to comply with all corporate and legal requirements requirements

New business line

A way to satisfy an increasing demand from self-directed investors

Easy integration

An easy-to-integrate structure with your custodian and operative entity

Robo-Advisor Features

Customer Interface

Our user interface have all the ingredients for investors: easy, intuitive, visually attractive, and responsive.

Tower Wealth Management

The core is a flexible multitask platform with all requirements: model portfolios, CRM, reporting, rebalancing and a safe communication channel with the custodian.


Custodian operation channel

Our customers can switch the buy and sell operations with the custodian company they prefer to work with.

Step into the Robo-Advisor world with us

Get an ally for your business with your own robo advisor. You can face the current market competitors with a tailor-made solution from a leader company with cutting-edge financial technologies. We simplify your efforts to get into these services providing a platform easy to implement, with all needs to be successful and supported by an expert team with more than 15 years of experience. Our stories in Australia and UK confirm us that we are right.


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For your company:

Integration with the financial entity:In both operations and back office. The company will be able to operate with contributions, withdrawals and regular rebalancings. It also will be able to obtain statements, performances and lists of positions and transactions of each final customer.

Financial CRM and fees management: Our platform includes specific modules for the global management of the platform. Our system does not only consider financial tools, but the whole process to manage your final customer history.

Model portfolio management: You will have a limited collection of portfolios according to different investment profiles and needs. This is key to reduce costs, offer an easy and understandable product for your final customers and react quickly to market changes.

Portfolio discretional management and rebalancing:We continuously monitor the financial markets to modify regularly the model portfolios in order to improve the performance.

Business intelligence: Our tools provide you a detailed view of global markets and different kind of assets.

For your customers:

Customer on-boarding: We produce a wide range of questionnaires, from the easiest initial marketing ones to the full customer registration with a link with the financial entity and several controls (KYC, AML, MiFID II).

Wealth management: We design the robo-advisor system for all possible transactions, as tradings, contributions and withdrawals./p>

Monitoring: We provide different tools, as reports, newsletters and alerts, so that the company maintains a regular communication and care with the final customer.

Robo-advisor corporate customisation


Landing Page

We design complying corporate criteria and local regulations and provide specific messages for your target customers.



We set the rebalancings according to the investment policy of your company, always with the support of our analysts’ team.


Profile test

We customise the questionnaires and design different kinds of them depending your preferences, as semantic, graphical or others.


Native app

We develop native mobile apps based on the company needs and in all operative systems (Android, iOS, Windows).


L&F modifications

We adapt texts and disclaimers linked to the corporate identity andinclude innovative design proposals to improve the image perception.


Wealth management platform

We implement our Tower platform in the robo-advisor.

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  • Effortless creation of a new business line
  • Supported by an expert fintech company
  • Cutting-edge technology easy to implement
  • Usable design and multidevice