Go forward in the Robo Advisor technology and impress your customers with a stunning experience

There is no time to waste in slow executions or unsuccessful solutions. Having a well structured investment platform will attract every kind of investor as the investment experience gets easier and more exciting. Choose the modules you need, from a complete digital onboarding to a perfectly developed goal based planning with discretionary portfolio management.


A constantly evolving Robo Advisor based on more than 22 years enhancing the digital wealth management experience.

TechRules white label Robo Advisor

The highest security standards
Flexible Onboarding
Robust set up
Hybrid and customer-centric
Smart user experience with cool interfaces
Regulatory compliance (ESG)
Rebalancing algorithm under your own business rules
Cloud-based/ On-premise platform
24×7 support and maintenance
API Approach and bespoke technology
  • Multi-Goal
  • Multi-Country
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Asset (Funds, ETFs, Equities)
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Entity
  • Multi-Account

ALL IN ONE scalable, flexible an intuitive solution

Never has been easier to make the best investment decisions with a Robo Advisor. A solution that will smoothly simplify your efforts with an hybrid advice model that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding investors.

Discretionary management APIs for your Robo Advisor

  • 1. Strategies & model portfolio
  • 2. Automated client onboarding (KYC, AML)
  • 3. Customer’s ESG Risk Assessment
  • 4. Client management
  • 5. Multi-goal planning simulation and follow up
  • 6. Portfolio management
  • 7. Alerts
  • 8. Notifications
  • 9. Portfolio reports
  • 10. Portfolio rebalancing
  • 11. Order processing
  • 12. Fee management
  • 13. Business intelligence

Let us do it for you…

The change in digital innovation

Customizing your own model portfolio is not the only thing you can do. You can get the most out of our Robo Advisor wealth management software and the best digital investment experience

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Technology and financial expertise

Move your more demanding customers towards a hybrid-digital robo advisor solution to create a goal based financial plan.

A solution capable of helping to grow and expand your business with proven success in the largest entities

Landing page

Make investments appealing for your customers by customizing your landing page under your corporate branding and local regulations using the best investment software

Profile test

Customise your own questionnaires with various types of designs in accordance with regulation

Look & Feel modifications

Branding recognition with your own logo, texts, font and disclaimers according to corporate identity and innovative design proposals to improve customer’s experience

Rebalancing portfolio engine

Set rebalancing in accordance with your investment policy, with the support of our team of analysts if needed

Hybrid app

For a fast digital changing world, hybrid mobile apps based on your company’s needs, ready for iOS, Android and Windows

Wealth management platform

We implement our Tower platform in the Robo Advisor investment software

Key benefits with Robo Advisor

Experience & Technology

  • Fully Modular & APIfied
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • The highest security standards
  • Discretionary solution for a hybrid model
  • Compliance with local regulations

High Customization

  • Adjustable Rebalancing algorithm under your own Business Rules & Customer Preferences
  • Workflows and UI/UX to deliver the best experience
  • The highest security standards
  • State of the art reporting

All-in-1 solution

  • Tower as a single platform to deploy new services (advisory, discretionary and RTO)
  • Innovative channels for your clients
  • The most appropriate maintenance model for your needs
  • A model portfolio service to build your winning strategies

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