Robo Advisor: Get an ally for your business with your own Robo Advisor

Face the current market competitors with a tailor-made solution from a leading company with cutting-edge financial technology. We simplify your efforts to get into these services by providing a platform that is easy to implement. 

Key Features


Product overview

Tailor-made customer Interface

Our user interface has all the ingredients for investors: easy, intuitive, visually appealing, responsive and white-label.

Cutting-edge financial technology

Cutting-edge financial technology: Scalable API-ready platform with the highest security standards and full documentation.

Tower wealth management

The core is a flexible multitasking platform with all requirements: model portfolios, financial CRM, reporting, rebalancing and a safe communications channel with the custodian.

Custodian operation channel

Our customers can switch the buy-and-sell operations with the custodian company they prefer to work with.


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Create your advanced toolbox with performance, risk and market data analysis with a user-friendly design to offer new alternatives for your more independent customers.


Landing Page

Design focused on corporate identity, local regulations, specific messages and content for investment education for your target customers.


Profile Test

Customise questionnaires with various types of design in accordance with your preferences, such as semantic, graphic or other.


L&F Modifications

Texts and disclaimers according to corporate identity and includes innovative design proposals to improve the customer’s experience.


Rebalancing Portfolio Engine

Set rebalancing in accordance with your investment policy, with support from our team of analysts.


Native App

Native mobile apps based on the company’s needs, in all operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows).


Wealth Management Platform:

We implement our Tower platform in the robo-advisor.


Benefits with Robo Advisor


Design-based platform

Easy-to-use, modular and flexible platform platform


Independent solution structure from design

Design according to brand design and independent from all of its modules


API based platform

Simple structure to solve specific needs from the company or final customer


Advanced technology

Machine learning and language processing technology to improve uncomfortable processes

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