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New normal for Wealth Managers: Engaging customers and communicating effectively

In this webinar, Managing Director of TechRules, Jaime Bolívar, Business Development & Marketing Director, Begoña Rubio and Sales Manager Javier Carrallo, discuss about digital wealth management solutions in the “new normal 2020”, the role of artificial intelligence in the emerging combinations of science and human based advisory models and how to cover regulation with technology easily. 


TechRules among the top 10 best Wealth Management solution providers in UK 2019

The ability in delivering solutions, expertise in the domain, competencies and impact of the solution have place TechRules among the Top 10 Wealth Management solution provider in UK.     TechRules’ solutions once again, have been recognized for its technological innovation and real business value in the financial industry, and have placed it as one […]

The secret to enlarge customer base with APIs: Discretionary Management Robo Advisor in Latin America

Creating digital resources that can make investments easier for both, financial firms and final users   Demanding is usually a typical word in the FinTech industry: developments are demanding, platforms are demanding, the design is demanding, interaction with final customers is demanding… Should “demanding” be always the buzz word? In TechRules we don’t agree.After more […]

Pourquoi miser sur la technologie des API ?

Par Sabine BROUN, Benelux Manager chez TechRules   Au 20ème siècle, toute l’attention était concentrée sur le hardware. Lorsqu’une machine devenait obsolète, on en achetait une nouvelle pour faire face aux nouveaux développements. Aujourd’hui, la complexité s’est accentuée, les machines sont devenues extrêmement efficaces et proportionnellement moins chères. De nos jours, l’enjeu majeur réside clairement […]

TechRules selected as Best FinTech Company 2019 and Best Front Wealth Management Solution with TechRules TOWER

TechRules leading the FinTech industry in the Technology Innovation Awards 2019. [tp not_in=”es” lang=”eng” only=”y”]   TechRules (www.techrules.com) continue leading the FinTech industry at an international level for the fifth consecutive year the technology innovator awards by CV Magazine   TechRules was selected as:     Best FinTech Company 2019     Best Front Wealth […]

Lights on T-Advisor lite!

Professional advisors have surely tools to collect this information, but what about individual investors?   Investing is a hard job and it is also alone. True, there are communities, but we do not really know how trustworthy people are. What if technology would help us create another kind of community? One in which we could […]

TechRules shortlisted for the Wealthbriefing European Awards 2019

TechRules, one of the Europe’s foremost Wealth Management solution provider has been shortlisted for the WealthBriefing European Awards 2019 at two different categories:   Best Front Office solution   Best Marketing or PR Campaign   Showcasing the best providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities at a European level, the […]

Gaming and Learning Solution draws attention of the Belgian Financial Industry

TechRules and Mediafin in Belgium have launched a new edition of the ‘Rallye Boursier’ after the success of the first edition in 2017.   This gamification initiative for the financial industry allows new and experienced investors to simulate a real investment experience in a real-time platform. The contest will be active from November 19th, 2018 […]