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Individual consultancy to structure high-quality model portfolios

Strategy linked to individual investment policy

Global support of our staff in the whole process

Cost-effective service to remove tasks and focus on adding value to customers

Our service to better compete in finances

Model Portfolio consultancy is a powerful service that empowers financial entities to differ in the market providing a methodology, efficiency and transparency to build model portfolios as main strategy for your customers’ investments. The solution involves both the initial consultation (set-up) and the ongoing service by TechRules. The ongoing service aims to achieve potentially better returns through the continued selection of suitable asset classes and regions. This kind of product provides a competitive difference in the current market. A well-structured model portfolio depends on accurate, independent and up-to-date sources together with a great understanding of asset allocation and categorization strategies.

A process that agrees individual investment policies

The information obtained from the customer is the base to build successful results. TechRules Model Portfolios Consultancy provides tools to define the portfolios’ assets, obtain an advanced simulation, optimize and monitor the results. Research and due diligence are key components of our investment and risk management process. We identify and carry out extensive qualitative analysis of the investments that we believe should generate positive returns for the portfolio.The model portfolio definition agrees in each case the entity investment policy. Our service will provide you a market-leading portfolio management capability, a cost-effective service to remove some task and focus on your customers, a choice of investment styles and a product-optimised asset allocation to meet your customers’ needs.

An experienced staff ready to take part in your project

Our staff develops a process where the individual investment policy plays a relevant role. After the initial analysis, our experts propose an accurate and structured global consultancy and take part from the creation to the maintenance of the portfolios and the production of reports. The aim is that the client feels sure about the provided financial solutions for its business, able to adjust the final output.

Structured Model Portfolio Consultancy

Full service to design, manage and follow up the model portfolio, with benchmarking, risk profiling, reporting and portfolio optimizer tools.

Model Portfolio Reporting

Personal report to analyze and follow up a model portfolio in a regular timeframe set by the client.

Asset Universe Classification

Tool that enables to revew all the products from your catalogue and classify them depending on the categories set by the client.

Change management

We help the organizations in all steps for a change process: implementation of our solutions, team training, internal and external communication and every need to obtain an efficient change management to achieve the decided aims

Portfolio Optimizer

Tool based on the Modern Portfolio Theory to analyze and propose a portfolio optimization to improve its performance.

Risk analytics

Obtain a wide range of calculations to measure the asset risk, as VaR, beta, volatility, correlation, variance and covariance.


Choose the option (basic, standard, advanced and premium) that fits your support needs.

  1. Investment Strategies

  2. Reporting

  3. Risk Analytics

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