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Leverage the power of our expertise in disruptive technologies applied to finance to build robust investment processes and create risk-well-adjusted model portfolios

Key benefits


From Analytical to AI models, building the best engine for our client needs and business requirements


Using Machine and Deep Learning models to read, learn and create model portfolios that incorporate pre-active return and risk expectations


Building with our clients the entire investment process or helping to explore new solutions in some of its phases


We build specific solutions for each client, relying on an exhaustive consulting process that guarantees the perfect understanding and an adequate management of expectations

Our products

Data transformation

Making your ML Project work with quality dealt data.

Market analytics

Having an informed glance at the market from traditional and advanced analytical tools


Exploring data opportunities and getting a sense from the market flow

Quality data solutions

We adapt the data to your specific needs, making it useful, solid and robust

Data meaning

Considering utility as a key factor in the efficiency of the models, so we apply methodologies that help us to disregard noise

Giving you an edge

We deal with the data for make it and edge for your decisión making process

Ranking and scores

From standard rankings/scoring to new fashioned ones. Tailored rankings showing you what is the best asset configuration

Data refining

Extracting the value from your data. Making your optimizers work better, more fluid, more accurate

Return roots

The need of getting the essence from the data to understand where the returns are coming from

Tailoring indicators

A first step in order to furnish your data for building specific indicators to get the market insights and anticipate the market trends

Data noise reduction

Reducing the dimensionality of the features set to identify the relevant drivers to improve your market estimation process

Factor Analysis

Get the factors which best work for your multifactor strategy and the ones needed for making your smart portfolios work at top level

From traditional models

Using historical data approach as a start point for more traditional asset managers

Enhanced estimators

Moving towards flexible estimators based on cycle, event driven, to achieve a greater adaptability

Model´s measuring

Cross sectional and matrix tools for measuring the good behavior of the models

Flexible approach

Different approximation for return estimators, always having the model robustness in mind


The power of AI working for reducing randomness and other traditional approaches gaps

Asset managers market view

Adapting the model to consider the market view of the asset manager


Development of risk indicators, ratings and scores for statistical valuation of risk macro data

Dynamic Risk Models

Use of AI approach to obtain flexible and dynamic risk models

Markowian risk estimators

Classical risk approach for the more traditional asset managers

Basel sensitive model

Risk models in accordance with Basel regulations and local specifications

Active asset management

Making a fine tuning of your risk models in order to keep it align with the market tendencies

Robust Risk models

Keeping your portfolios adjusted and stable giving them the exact flexibility needed to not lose track of the market

Markowian optimizers

Optimizers based on return/variance approach as initial offering for traditional asset managers

Models plasticity

Implementing new approaches with adaptive market cycle models

Mixed models

Hybrid optimizers using proprietary models for enhance results

Expert team

Professional team who will shorten and make more efficient your model construction process

Asset managers market view

Adapting the optimizers so the qualitative vision of the market of the management teams can be implemented

Innovative tools

A team that seeks continuous improvement, with a great update and analyzing new approaches and models

Experience and capabilities

Market and asset reporting using proprietary “know how”

Side by side

Full support in the analysis of portfolios to the asset management teams considering the diversity of objectives and recipients of the information

Focused on decision process

High quality reports for clients and investment committees for better decision making

Performance attribution

Performance attribution tools for feeding the investment process

Tracking tools

Backtesting models and stress test tools

Tailored definition

Flexible design adapted to each asset manager. Designing together the contents, structure and periodicity

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