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Global platform for all steps in advisory

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Easy integration with previous systems

Solves different business needs for companies of all kind of sizes

The leading professional financial software

Tower is the TechRules leading financial software solution for wealth management. It is the answer to obtain a complete life cycle in advisory and open a new communication channel with the clients. Investment proposals, reporting and portfolio management, amongst other services, will be substantially improved with our innovative solution. Our tools empower advisors to get a whole picture of their clients and align with their strategy. This perspective reinforces the relationship between professionals of the financial industry and client bringing confidence and retaining them.

A flexible and efficient financial software solution

Professionals and firms of all kind of sizes will develop a highly accurate, efficient and transparent job with reliable and up-to-date market data and compliance with the specific domestic rules. Tower is a comprehensive financial software, easy-to-use and adaptable solution with a modular and scalable architecture and multi-channel access and installation (service-oriented architecture, web, mobile and cloud). Its flexibility eases the integration with your in-house or your third party systems and allows the whole staff to join on the same platform. Upgrading is also simple as it is implemented in a non-disturbing way for the client tasks and brings the chance to benefit from the latest functionalities immediately.

Our expertise in FinTech at your service

TechRules staff is a highly expert group of people will deep knowledge in the fintech branch. They will assess our clients in their different needs in order to implement Tower in the real dimension for your entity. From the full software to some modules, Tower is the financial software solution for a demanding client that asks for high-level financial services.

Key Features


Set the asset allocation from the customer’s personal restrictions, business rules and commercial preferences.

Discretional management

Manage delegated investment and allocate assets following specific investment policies’ guidelines.

Portfolio analysis

Obtain reliable data for profitability, risk, correlation, allocation, benchmark, simulations and profit and losses sources.

Performance attribution

Advanced calculation engine to analyse the profits and losses in model portfolios and review the investment strategy.

Performance contribution

Evaluate the asset weight in the profit or loss in the portfolio and review possible changes in its proportion.

Tower analytics

Follow up the platform activity with a wide range of details about users and associated modules.

Model portfolio consultancy service

Comprehensive feature for the model porfolio design, managing and monitoring, with tools for benchmarking, risk profile, reporting and portfolio optimization.

Client profiling

Design your customer risk profile complying the legal rules.

Risk control

Monitor the risk with analytic tools to understand the asset evolution and maintain or modify the investment.

Model portfolio

Design your own model portfolios from our asset database selecting your own criteria.

Client portal

Manage the whole tools for your customers from an only dashboard for all.

Client management

Get the personal data from the customer activity, as contact details, preferences, restrictions, proposals and alerts.

Task manager

Obtain a screen to plan all the pending and done tasks for every customer with CRM tools.

Client monitoring

Follow up the customer activities with automatized processes, as contracts and forms fill-in and store.

Reporting features

Get personal, costumizable, detailed reports for different purposes full of relevant figures.

Monitoring and alerts

Set different kind of alerts, as stop loss, investment opportunities or trend change to react to market movements.

Tower pension planner

Manage the whole process: set the client’s profile and risk, obtain a financial proposal, compare different fund categories and report the client about his savings plan. You will build client loyalty and increase your business.

Risk analytics

Obtain a wide range of calculations to measure the asset risk, as VaR, beta, volatility, correlation, variance and covariance.

MiFID compliance

Every tool result complies with MiFID European requirements and are always up-to-date.

Market data management

Our system manages several internal and external market and financial data sources to provide accurate asset and portfolio figures.

Business intelligence

Run advanced analyses, as hypothesis-testing and activity preditions, with data mining and on-line analysis process tools.


Choose the option (basic, standard, advanced and premium) that fits your support needs.

Change Management

We help the organizations in all steps for a change process: implementation of our solutions, team training, internal and external communication and every need to obtain an efficient change management to achieve the decided aims.

Investment Proposals

Our centralized systems enables to develop tailor-made investment proposals depending on the client profile and his needs and expectations.

Mobile adaptability

Mobile becomes a working tool and we are aware of this trend. That is why our tools are designed to answer properly to be monitored through this device.

  1. Portfolio Management and Rebalancing

  2. Performance Measurement

  3. Investment Strategies

  4. Investment Proposals

  5. Financial CRM

  6. Reporting

  7. Monitoring and alerts

  8. Financial Planning

  9. Risk Analytics

  10. Compliance

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