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A full overview of the market and your portfolios

TechRules proprietary algorithms, risk-analyses and backward/forward testing, will help your clients to get an up-to-date and accurate portfolio overview at their fingertips. Create your advanced toolbox with performance, risk- and market- data analysis with a user-friendly design to help your customers make better investment decisions. Take advantage of the increasing trend towards customers who are keen to formulate their own investment strategies and make intelligent investment decisions.

Improve your investment portfolios:

  • Portfolio-management system
  • Automated alerts
  • Risk metrics
  • Investment opportunities
  • Financial planning tools
  • Multiple-asset screener
  • Artificial intelligence

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Portfolio Manager

Our Portfolio Manager provides you with transparent, objective analysis to assess private investors and advisors, compare funds and understand the drivers of market performance. This analysis reveals an exclusive overview and can help you to obtain optimal recommendations. It adds holding-based and return-based analysis across all markets and portfolios. 

Market Analysis

Market analysis provides you with a holistic, or well-rounded picture of the markets in which you are interested in operating. The components of the analysis include several evaluation tools.

Benefits with DIY Investor


Investment decisions based on AI and ML

Portfolio management and Rebalancing


Easy Data integration

Quotes, research and in-house database



with existing PMS, OMS and back-office systems


Tailored-made platform

Front-end, market s, asset class, trading flow, portfolio features


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