Digitalisation, the required way to confront the crisis in the financial industry

The situation originated in the coronavirus pandemic is new for the current generation, who had never confronted a similar landscape before, fortunately.


The quick dissemination of this illness has forced the governments in all affected countries to impose quarantines to stop the virus expansion its effects on people’s health.


The consequences of these decisions are extreme for the economy and, by extension, for financial markets. Last days, stock exchanges experienced hard losses and they show the panic against a so-called “black swan”, an unlikely event that change all forecasts inside out. Under these circumstances, many investors watch how their assets lose value rapidly and claim for advisory. However, they cannot visit the branch of their private bank or their financial adviser. How could financial professionals respond to this situation?


Most of these financial professionals work already with digital solutions, but this situation forces to deepen in them. TechRules proposes a small strategy for this crisis to be applied by our customer or other entities and professionals that have similar tools:



1. Use digital tools to communicate your clients.


First of all, send an e-mail or Whatsapp to all with a calming corporate message. Explain how they can communicate to you and offer a chance for conference-calls or directly through our wealth management solution, where everything is registered.


2. Remember that your clients have digital tools available to follow their portfolios.


TechRules interfaces are intuitive and usable. It is important that the clients have available all information updated about their portfolios and with the chance to ask for rebalance, although managers should control their panic in order that their decisions will be the most reasonable. Watching trustworthy and clear data brings calm.


The use of digital tools contributes to more efficiency in procedures, because TechRules platforms allow the implementation of digital signatures. Additionally, the interfaces have multi device access and portfolios can be followed through web and app for both mobile and tablet.


3. Professionals have to manage their CRM in an agile way to respond quickly and organised their clients.


An online platform can be connected from any place. Under these circumstances, managers are teleworking. Multiaccess makes possible to keep competitivity and satisfy the clients’ demands immediately. Additionally, access to tools is also immediate through personal passwords and secure access interfaces. So, managers and advisers can check the portfolios, follow up the risks and performance evolution or create new alerts for their clients, and change scheduled rebalancing.


4. Communication should be kept with regular reports about all the changes that markets experience.


Automatic portfolio reports, scheduled mailing every certain period with adjusted texts by default or reports about activity or rebalances. So, investors will feel that they always have an ally in the distance that is watching for their interests thanks to digital tools.


This communication strategy can be applied easily through TechRules solutions. They allow us to offer our professional clients to solve digitally the full cycle of their needs and the ones of their individual clients in all what refers to online investments and portfolio management, from the accurate follow up of alerts through their CRM to communication, proposals and document delivery ready to be digitally signed up, apart from the communication channels required from the same solution. Finally, clients can watch and understand their portfolios and financial positions from any device.


The current crisis will mean a turning point for the whole financial industry. Black swan risks, as the current one, with its effects on markets, will force to deepen in the existing digitalisation and rule a new way of working that will result in more productivity and competitivity. The platforms that better respond to the specific needs of the investment companies, and are more intuitive and usable, will succeed, because they will create the base of all kind of business: trustworthiness. This trustworthiness will be consolidated from now on through robust in security and flexible in use digital systems. Techrules, a cutting-edge company in the field of investment management for more than 20 years in Spain and with a wide international experience, has developed Tower as a strong solution so that strategies, as the above-mentioned, can be applied even in such extreme situations as the current ones for financial business.

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