Building up your Tower: switching to your clients’ needs

Rebuilt the logic into a more flexible model with APIs as key components to provide an accurate solution.

Flexibility is one of the main buzzwords of our times. People must be flexible to adapt their careers to companies, companies must be flexible to adapt their products to the market, markets must be flexible to let the economy work. In this landscape, technologies must also develop flexible solutions. The trend has been clear in this century. What kind of products were offered in the 2000’s for computing, internet or software? Many of them were full solutions: webs with all kind of services (the famous “portals”), mobiles came with their own software (and it was impossible to change or update it ) and software suites were “best solution ever”, because they gave you all you need in one product.


However, this is not the point now. For instance, if we think in mobile phones, we choose the software through a market place with an app for every specific task. Somehow, it is also the model for more developed or professional systems. Companies do not look anymore for large platforms, difficult to implement, expensive to maintain, complicated to update and running slower over time. Flexibility is also the buzzword.



TechRules has perceived this market trend and changed the focus with its 5-star product: Tower. This platform is a reference in the fintech market in order to develop all kind of tasks: on boarding, client management, portfolio management, investment tools or financial planning composed some elements of our financial software suite for companies. We have always customized the platform following the company’s needs, but we have rebuilt the logic into a more flexible model: APIs are now key components to provide an accurate solution.


We listen to the client and take into account their strategic needs in the short, medium and long term and assess the development of Tower for them. If the initial project focuses in providing with a more user-friendly on-boarding process and some tools to follow individual portfolios, we create the heart of this platform switched to these two APIs, but with a platform that is ready to grow progressively according to the business plan. If the platform needs to be enlarged with more services, like financial planning, we just connect it. If any service has to be updated or substitute, the compatibility is easy. On the contrary, if any service does not work for the company strategy, we switch off the API and the platform runs without any trouble.


TechRules’ know-how after more than 20 years materialises in discovering market trends when they are in their initial process . With cutting-edge technology and a very specialised team, the secret is listening to the client needs and creates a modular and flexible solution. As finances are changing with regulations, new kind of investment products and a more profiles, companies cannot depend on expensive, heavy and slow running software solutions for finances. If companies and final clients live in a world where flexibility is the trend, let’s also apply it for fintech: build up your Tower after analysing your business needs and obtain full success with your clients, your company development and (most importantly) your profit and loss account.

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