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Being a leading company in financial solutions and having been on the scene for more than 20 years in Europe and Latin America in a highly competitive market are some of the characteristics that define TechRules. But behind our robust APIs and advanced technological solutions there is a team and a company made up of people with first and last names.


The arrival of Covid-19 has meant that precisely this team has been more than ever making an effort to digitize all the productive processes of our clients and financial entities in order to make them able to keep working with the pandemia. A digitalizations that has arrived to stay and  that we already had implemented thanks to being a company with an international presence in which we have not reduced our agreements and new clients, but continue to grow. An opportunity to more than demonstrate what we are capable of and what we have accomplished, making our clients achieve a more human and close relationship with their users through new communication technologies in a period of high economic uncertainty worldwide. 


 But this is something that we did not get from one day to another. From TechRules´ insides we have been always working to get excellents results for our clientes, offering them a sustained ROI,  and also taking care of generating a nice work environment in which every member of the team feels like an indispensable piece of the company´s engine, that encourages employees to keep growing. This is what gives us an unique personality, in which sustainability has been one of our keys to success. 


And it is not surprising that many of us have been with the company for more than a decade, involved in a robust and stable team that, above all, knows how to work hand in hand to achieve whatever objective we set for ourselves. Seniority and specialization is one of our main characteristics. We also have been enforcing our relationship with customers during all these years giving them the possibility to migrate their solutions whenever they have needed it. Robust APIs, R&D, development, data quality, infrastructure or S&M departments are one of the  reasons we have been in the scene for this long. 


The sustainability that defines us makes us want to leave a positive footprint in the communities and regions in which we carry out our activity. That is why we like to involve our team in the social projects in which we participate, such as our collaboration against cancer or “Saving to learn”, a cooperation program in Latin America in which saving tools are delivered to vulnerable communities so that they can learn to manage their wealth and be self-sufficiency.


Jaime Bolívar: Being The Best You Can Be – Despite Adversity

Best digital solutions. “Our goal is to keep working on sustainable ROI for our customers and lead generation, so that they can enrich the relationship with their clients with customer centric solutions, engaging and reinforcing the relationship between them”. TechRules for The Weatlh Mosaic.


There have been many new challenges this past year. For some companies, the main goal has been just to stay in business. But not for us. For us our goal has been to exceed our business objectives and to continue to do so into 2021.


At TechRules we have prioritized keeping our team together and maintaining a sharp focus on innovation to stay ahead of the curve. We have been improving our solutions and services, and were adept at meeting new challenges and issues head on even before the events of 2020. This meant our technology was already robust and reliable, thus providing a safe haven for our customers throughout the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.



Going forward our main goal is to keep working on sustainable ROI for our customers, so that they can enrich the relationship with their clients with customer centric solutions. Our clients need to communicate and stay in touch with their clients in a meaningful way, each and every day.


Lead generation has become something essential for financial entities to succeed and has been another area of focus. We have been digitizing all our processes to provide robust and innovative solutions for banks and end customers. We had been working towards this before the pandemic hit and were therefore already in a strong position. One element we have added to is customization features so as to be able to better react to client need.



We’ve found a collaborative approach with our clients has served both sides well in being able to meet needs and add extra features. Another key facet of our offering in 2021 is of course to keep working to ensure that customer data has the highest level of protection and compliance with the internationally recognized standard of excellence for information security.


Digitalization has, of course, been key to meeting all of the goals that we set in 2020. It will continue to be a key element as we move through 2021.Indeed, last year was the year that almost everything had to be quickly transferred to a remote environment.


While some big, traditional companies have failed to deliver their services on these digital conditions, we have been agile and innovative enough to keep ourselves at the top of the league to serve the full range of companies; from traditional advisors and investors, to a younger audience that is very familiar with a digital environment and indeed now has high expectations as regards being able to access products and services digitally.


Private banking clients are a particular feature of the market too with a clientele that is now looking to provide its customers with a high quality, high tech digital offering so that they can more easily manage their money and investments for the future.


Our ethos and our ability to listen, study and search what customers need has been of great benefit in trying times. We have created a complete and accessible platform. This is a powerful software solution to manage a large number of complex customer portfolios with a large volume of historical data and analytics to meet the most demanding regulatory requirements.


This kind of solution provides a complete life cycle for financial advice with sophisticated digital tools to allow for a full picture of a client’s situation and more easily align them with their investment strategy. This is obviously always very important but now more than ever, due to providers wanting to actively engage and reinforce the relationship between their own professionals and their customers – the end investor. In this remote era, these tools have to be as reliable and easy to use as possible. Digital communications are the way forward to grow customer loyalty and engagement for the long term.


The more engaged the customer is and the deeper the relationship, the more profitable it is. Technology enhances this. Our technology offers a state-of- the-art design that has taken into consideration every single detail; the user interface is intuitive and simple as well as being efficient. Our team is also constantly working on new APIs to offer a full API solution. We also offer high levels of customization and integration across different modules, including Robo Advisor platforms. These are just some of the features that have underscored TechRules as a key player, despite wider market adversities.



We are also in the midst of adapting our company to the new ESG regulation. The importance of taking sustainable investment decisions and the demand to do so have brought this capability into sharp focus for 2021. At TechRules, we have strategic alliances with international partners and so have been able to integrate an ESG database into our solutions using TechRules ́ data warehouse. We can now offer more than 450 metrics from 9,000 companies, giving coverage of 70% of the world’s market capitalization.


We are already working to adapt the various components of our solutions to ESG criteria imposed by new regulations. Going one step forward we are looking at product governance (new ESG fields), onboarding processes (investment preferences and customer risk questionnaire), model portfolio and strategy design (ESG risk management), investment proposals (suitability control and ESG metrics), clients ́ reports (ESG transparency), search engines and product sheets (introducing new ESG fields) and investment tools (completing them with ESG data).


Current portfolio versus target portfolio and benchmarks
Afected modules in Tower standards
– Product governance
– Onboarding process
– Definition of strategies and model portfolios
– Investment proposals with ESG metrics
– Customer and regulator reports
– Searches introducing new ESG fields
– Investment tools (T-Report)



TechRules and ESG: simplifying a complex issue

Integrating the new regulation into state of the art solutions for financial institutions

ESG is the new regulation that stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and at TechRules we are already working on adapting our company to this new law that measures the commitments to ecological sustainability, our community and our corporate governance. This is why ESG parameters are now integrated in our solutions, following the MiFID II standards.

Our complete wealth management solution, Tower, has already integrated this option so in the asset form you can now see the ESG score and also in the portfolio report and the investment proposal. It is expected that new legislative proposals will be approved during 2020, so they will be effective during 2021 and 2022.


Tower will show the sustainability score based on the three factors: environmental, social and governance.  The ESG controversy score measures the company’s exposure to environmental, social and governance controversies and negative impacts reflected in the global media.


View the aggregated impact of investments



The punctuation goes from 0 to 100, meaning that a company that has a score of 50 is considered average relative inside a group of similar businesses. A score of 70 means that the company is doing better than most businesses inside its group and totally the opposite would be a score of 30.


This new regulation comes from the necessity to bring these topics again on top of the main issues companies should be dealing right now. With ESG, businesses get a score based on environmental, social and governance factors, to see how they are performing taking into account all these factors. In a society in which the importance of good practices is enormously increasing, it is very valuable that software providers adapt their platforms to meet the new regulation.


Leading the demand of green investing with transparency for both wealth managers and investors 


Advisers and wealth managers are using these non-financial factors in their daily work, so they can have a more complete view and decide based on other possible risks and growth opportunities. With this regulation, companies are being analysed and their social labour, the way they manage talent or the relationship between employees become issues as important as paying taxes. 


Following MiFID II standards, this integration of ESG parameters with our solutions means that institutional investors and asset managers need to integrate and control all ESG factors in their risk management processes. Transparency is another important issue: companies need to deliver complete and detailed information in all their reports. 


Accompanying Financial Institutions in the review of their investment process, incorporating the new ESG approach and building their offer of Model Portfolios with an ESG bias. 


Through our Model Portfolio Service (MPS), we help our clients to find the best tailored solutions that allow incorporating the impacts of ESG in each of the phases of their investment and portfolio construction process: analysis and selection of ESG asset classes, analysis and choice of representative ESG benchmarks for each asset class, analysis and validation of risk budgets, exposure and ESG score by investor profile, construction of new product ranking models incorporating ESG criteria, backtesting of ESG portfolios and cross checking with traditional non-ESG portfolios, generation of new reports of ESG portfolios, including the new ESG approach.


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Jaime Bolívar´s interview: how to keep in business during Covid-19

Our managing director, Jaime Bolívar, has been interviewed and in this ocasion we can see him in a more personal conversation in where he talks about his start in the industry, the challenges and dificult choices he had to take and how the company is coping with this World Wide pandemic.


The online magazine that has had this particular interest on interviewing Jaime has been  an Italian based  media company, Startup.info. This magazine researches different markets looking for new companies but also business with a great baggage like TechRules, to serve as an inspiration for others.


First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Jaime Bolívar: We are very lucky to have the company in the situation we had before the pandemic. Everyone was able to work from home and stay safe. This was my case, as well. 


Tell us about you, your career, how you founded TechRules.

I am an engineer, and I started this company with my brothers more than 20 years ago. We started creating algorithms that are the bases of what is TechRules today. We are very proud of the company we founded. 


How does TechRules innovate? 

We are constantly checking the industry, what are our customers needing, the new tendencies, new products, and advances, and we discuss it within the team to be the most competitive company in the market and be able to put in place whatever any financial entity would need in the wealth management area.


This video shows another interview in which Jaime talks deeply about the origins, development and what products and services provide TechRules today.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

At the beginning, it was a bit hard because we had to move all the employees from the office to teleworking, but we were ready, so the transition was better than expected. The IT department performed incredibly well, and within a few days, we had everyone connected from their homes. We managed to keep the same level of productivity (or even more) we had before the pandemic. No incidents with our customers’ platforms in place either, so better than expected in general.


Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

Our goal is to maintain all the TechRules family complete and together for the upcoming years, serving our customers with the best service possible in place, as we always did. In this sense, we have a senior team that is focused already in 2021 to keep going ahead of the market and settle all strategies. 


How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

I do a lot of sport. There is nothing better than a nice run in the park with my dog when I feel stressed. Stress is something that I don’t suffer quite a lot. I love my job, and after so many years, you face problems with more perspective. 


Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

We have a lot of competitors in the market, and they are growing every day. In TechRules, we will continue doing what we do, which basically is working together as a team, generating great solutions for our customers, and partnering with key institutions and people to work with and learn from. Good delivery is our main goal. 

Innovation is also something we have always invested in. It is our main guarantee of success.


Your final thoughts?

This year definitely has changed the way we live and work but staying on top of the wave is the key to moving forward and keep growing. We learned and supported employees and customers to do their best, and this is our key. Let’s keep focusing on our vision!

TechRules crowned “Best CRM System” at the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2021

We are proud to announce that we have won this prestigious award that recognizes our team as the  creators of the best CRM system for the wealth management industry.


This is the eighth edition of this kind of programme that honours the industry figures and firms that have demonstrated an excellent performance in this past 2020. Despite the external factors that have made a huge impact on almost every company in the world, our team has managed to keep innovating and improving all our solutions, offering the best service to its clients. 


Our CRM System has been highlighted in this award thanks to its renewed features. Thanks to this system,  wealth managers can get a 360 view of the customer’s personal, financial and wealth information and prioritise all commercial activities to put forward proposals. This is definitively something that allows advisers to proactively anticipate customer needs. Client monitoring, touch points to measure all the commercial data and its integrations with a great amount of modules are some of the features that have made the judges decide to give TechRules this recognition. 


TechRules´CEO, Jaime Bolivar, is clearly proud of his team: “I am glad that we have accomplished most of our 2020 goals and we have been awarded for it. But it is essential to keep improving, to be aware of the innovations in this fast-change sector and work to get the best service to our clients”.



– Client dashboards containing a 360º view of all the financial data of a customer

– Touchpoints to measure all the commercial activity

– Client Alerts to record prioritised activities in the advisor’s calendar

– Schedule management based on prioritizing tasks, alerts, and touchpoints

– Individual management and advice for each customer and portfolio

– Scheduling the automatic delivery of information to customers 

– Client Monitoring to track and adjust all the client data

– Integrated with the Risk Profile Questionnaire module

– Integrated with the Proposal Investments and Financial Planning moduleIntegrated with the Portfolio Management 

– Integrated with the backend of a entity to generate onboarding related alerts and status updates from Tower CRM (alerts, calculations) to a bank’s CRM system

– Integrated with third party CRM system (Salesforce integration available)

– The Marketing campaigns module is already in the pipeline and will be available soon.



TechRules has a financial CRM that manages all customer related information within Tower, its wealth management integral solution. The aim is not to compete with more generalists but to integrate it via API to send and receive information. This module is API ready. 


More info? Contact us on marketing@techrules.com


TechRules at the 2nd edition of the Nordics Digital Transformation in Banking Summit

We are glad to announce that our director Jaime Bolívar has been one of the 18 leading speakers in this unique event in Europe, in which the digital transformation is going to be the main character. Digital transformation has emerged as one of the most topical subjects in the banking sector and that is something we have been working on for many years in TechRules. We invite you to join Jaime´s speech in which he is going to talk about expanding digital services in wealth management by focusing on communicating effectively with customers, something key in the new post Covid era.


5 Post Covid keys to the future of the financial sector

We are facing turbulent times with loads of economic and social changes thanks to the biggest pandemic in modern history. The global financial sector is rapidly moving, adapting itself to the new order. The use of new technologies to maintain and reinforce relationships with clients in a world where human contact is being reduced is key to ensure survival in the industry.


1. Digitalization

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the financial sector from a moderate need to an urgent reality. As a result, all digital and online processes have evolved with tools that help with direct, simple and efficient communication. Today we have a very different situation than the one we had two decades ago, so it is necessary to readapt companies to this new reality and take advantage of new technologies that allow us to continue doing business. The financial industry has invested a lot in digitalization in the past few years, using new software and tools that have helped generate more efficient, transparent and useful communication between businesses and their customers. Something that has been essential to this is customer’s past resistance to new technologies has now gone, which has enabled more user-friendly tech being created.


2. Growing competition


As a result of this sudden and rapid change in global commerce, big firms are “putting all their meat on the grill” to keep their status in the market. New technologies are helping small businesses grow too, and larger ones are investing in new solutions with the objective of delivering a unique brand value while also making them more competitive. Services are becoming more customizable for final clients and adapting to new ways of communication is key. From TechRules we have witnessed how hard and stressful the pandemic has been for big companies and have worked to overcome the barriers that have been imposed during the global lockdowns.


3. Risk efficient management


In the past, securing investment and avoiding risk was something of utmost importance for advisors, and this is certainly the case now more than ever. In times of uncertainty, it is essential to move money in the most secure and professional way possible. The demand for new algorithms that can predict market fluctuations has made companies like ours, to continue developing new APIs that can help both advisors and customers manage their wealth while making the best decisions possible.


4. Normative compliance


The collection of customer data has become key to offering more personalized solutions while at the same time helping generate new quality leads. However, data protection laws are becoming stricter and companies must perfectly control the way in which they move and share their customers’ data. Systems that capture and integrate all customer information in one place are more efficient than those systems in which data is repeated, redundant and causes confusion. Customer data is the most precious asset for investors and entities, so the challenge here is to improve those technologies which help manage and monitor customer assets.


5. Increasing brand value and optimizing user experience


While an increase in market rates is to be expected, companies will have to justify this increase by improving both their brand image and user experience. Identifying with the values of the firm is increasingly becoming more important for the client, so this is something companies need to focus on in order to attract new clients. In this new world economic scenario, a focus towards sustainability and the humanization of companies are the key things to stand out at a time when competitiveness is increasingly high.