TechRules and cominvest green: comdirect’s successful sustainable Robo Advisor 

Madrid, 21 Feb 2022. cominvest, one of the German leaders for Robo Advisory, has taken a further step in its banking offer by creating a new portfolio strategy with sustainable criteria for its clients.



ESG regulation is changing the way of investing and comdirect, a brand of Commerzbank AG,  has understood very well how to expand its range of products and services. By launching the additional Robo Advisory offer “cominvest green”, customers will have the opportunity to let their finances be managed in a sustainable manner with assets and security based on ESG criteria that meet the needs of the most investors.



During this process, our team has collaborated directly with the comdirect teams, defining, developing and launching this new range of portfolios on the market. After the success of the Robo Advisor cominvest, which at the beginning of 2022 exceeded the figure of 1,000 million euros under management, comdirect wanted to remain at the forefront of the industry by developing an additional, sustainable and innovative product. With the aim of making a positive contribution to the environment, the German broker has created this product so investments respect the governmental, social and environmental aspects.



The head of comdirect brokerage, Bjoern Andersen, explained the need to adapt solutions to market requirements: “important future topics relating to the climate crisis have arrived in the financial sector. More and more investors are planning or are already implementing a sustainable investment. cominvest green meets these new customer needs and at the same time we are fulfilling our ecological responsibility as a bank.”



Since 2009 TechRules, with its specialized Model Portfolios (MPS) service and its software Tower, has been a strategic comdirect partner in the definition and implementation of its model portfolios offering. The new sustainable Robo Advisor continues with the same comprehensive service with portfolios tailored to risk profile and automatic reporting and adjustments based on experienced algorithms. Our specialized Model Portfolios service has analyzed and identified the suitability of the different asset classes to be used that allow an adequate diversification within the ESG investment world.



comdirect, as one of the market leaders for Robo Advisory in Germany, has wanted to go further and improve the overall quality of its customer service. For this reason, different aspects of the comdirect portfolio construction process have been reviewed and improved, and the impacts and improvements will be reflected in both the classic and green offerings of its model portfolios.



The CEO of TechRules, Jaime Bolívar, highlights that “adaptation to new regulations and market criteria is essential to offer innovative products adjusted to new trends and we are very proud to have participated in the development of this new product line”.


TechRules at the Private Banking & Wealth Management: Switzerland 2022 Conference and Awards

Next 25th of May TechRules will participate as an exhibitor at the Private Banking & Wealth Management Switzerland 2022 at the Zurich Marriott Hotel. A conference that will hold the most influential financial entities and wealth management developers in Europe.


This is an exclusive opportunity to get connected with the industry, see the latest innovations and technologies and be part of the financial European trend. A place and time to get to know all the successes in the market, and we will be there showing ours! We will talk about the challenges and new features of our wealth management software, Robo Advisor and solutions for end customers. 


We want to share our growth and innovations that have been keeping us getting more clients and partners. We are also concerned about the recent events in Ucrania, and this is why we are paying special attention to the security of our solutions, hoping that the crisis will soon stop and we all can meet in the conference. 


We look forward to welcoming you at the 2022 edition, get in contact here for a meeting!


See you soon!


Security: gaps and solutions for the optimal performance of financial institutions

Security has always been and will be one of the fundamental pillars of wealth management software and is becoming more and more important in fintech companies. The customer’s data protection is essential to comply with legal regulations and generate user loyalty.


Due to recent events like the pandemic or the actual situation between Ukraine and Russia, cyberattacks have become a true reality. Digitalization has accelerated all processes, but this does not mean that vulnerability has to increase. Customer data protection is essential, even in crisis situations.


Our wealth management software, Robo andvisors and customer end solutions  take security into consideration as we know that security breaches can lead to significant losses, many of them irrecoverable. Companies face significant financial, reputational and discredit losses, as well as data losses, that can lead to a loss of their intellectual property (know-how) and consequently, loss of customers. These losses can happen in the short, medium and long term, so it is crucial to tackle the information security problem with strategies and plans that must be reviewed periodically.


In the current business of financial institutions, it is essential for us to maintain our commitment to clients to ensure maximum protection for their data and their business. We always develop our solutions keeping in mind all the key aspects that affect security, from product design to implementation, delivering our financial software with the strictest security criteria in the industry.


Want to know more about how we manage financial security?  Downolad our white paper here!



The Robo Advisor cominvest in Germany exceeds one billion euros in client assets

Germany, January 2022. comdirect, one of the most important banks in Germany, continues to be one of the benchmarks in the banking sector thanks to the development of its Robo Advisor. This state-of-the-art wealth management software that improves the return on investments of their clients, has exceed one billion euros in assets.


This investment tool has increased the assets under management of the Robo Advisor by 175 million euros in the last six months. The German bank thus becomes one of the benchmarks in the digital asset management market.


Through the creation of portfolios based on each client´s risk profile, the financial software generates a personalized strategy. Using this,  the investor can improve the performance of their client’s assets. This Robo Advisor is the result of a business model in which the wealth management tool uses advanced market data analysis algorithms that are verified by experienced industry professionals.


We are very happy with the trust placed in cominvest by our clients”, comments comdirect’s head of brokerage Bjoern Andersen, seeing the impressive results of this digital wealth management solution.


The general director of TechRules, Jaime Bolívar, also wanted to highlight  this success saying that “at TechRules we are proud to support our clients in unique and lasting relationships to become market leaders”.

Robo-advisors: a history of democratization of FinTech

Do you remember the beginning of Robo Advisors? In the very beginning, people who opposed them stressed the word “robo”, because it suggested cold, impersonal and a low-cost and low-quality way to access finances. Human advisors also looked at them as rivals that would be used by greedy start-ups and unicorns that preached the goodness of technology against the traditional model.


What do we have now? Well, as it usually happens, the future of financial advice software was not as it was expected. Humans are still in the financial business and robo-advisors are not the only solution to get in investments. In the end, coexistence has prevailed, but nobody can deny that the history of Robo Advisors is the one on the success of the democratization of FinTech.


First of all, these platforms have evolved from a one-stand solution to an integration in other platforms from large market players and investment companies. The main banks have their own robo for their customers. Then, this solution is now massive. However, this change has a positive impact in the branch. Human advisors have discovered that these solutions could help for segmentation and enlarge their customer portfolio in other ways, such as including people interested in lower investments that cannot afford a personalized service or, very important, attract young people that are more tech-fan. They still have their common services as premium, while they use financial technology as an ally. Hybrid services are common now, avoiding the former idea of clash of financial cultures.


Secondly, Robo Advisors have contributed to spread FinTech in all devices: apps, tablets, computers and multiverse is around the corner. The great array of APIs, settings and functionalities make them far from the idea of non personal services, because everyone can set their own user experience and choose their investment strategies following the legal requirements. Onboarding, profiling, reporting, monitoring, rebalancing… all professional investment tools are available for a confident investment journey for everyone.



We have witnessed all this Robo Advisor software evolution, always adapting our solutions to all kinds of investors. Seeking for the needs of customers we created several Robo Advisors that will provide functionality to both , customers and advisors, a perfectly hybrid financial advice model. We also have developed state of the art versatile APIs that can be used to customize unique financial software. Digitalization has driven us into a world in which people want immediacy and efficiency and different segments are so grown up in new technologies that they demand their own personal investment software.  No matter the investor you are, you will have everything integrated in your global balance sheet.


Robo Advisors have been a turning point in the evolution of FinTech and finances, generally speaking. Hybrid models, segmentation, democratization, access to a great deal of professional investment tools and legal control are the ingredients of this cocktail that will deliver more innovations in the next few years.

Merry Christmas and happy 2022!

Recent events show that things can change dramatically in a short time, but it has also reminded us where the important things really lie. As a team, we have been  working more united than ever, reaching new challenges and projects. But we know this would not have been possible without our clients and partners. This is why we want to thank you once again for your trust and for letting us keep growing with you, always looking forward and strengthening our alliance.


 Merry Christmas and a happy 2022!

TechRules and user experience: the importance of technology and data analysis

Begoña Rubio, Global Business Development & Marketing Director of TechRules, has participated as an expert speaker in the digital meeting “Interconnected channels, agility and flexibility, keys to offering a fluid and personalized customer experience ” organized by Dir & Ge.


A very relevant presentation in these times of constant change in which digital transformation is key to understanding and anticipating customer needs. The combination of the human factor with the new technologies in the new hybrid models is decisive when it comes to getting to know the client, knowing where they are in the customer journey, and what we must do to make their experience increasingly unique and enriching.


In the world of Robo Advisors and wealth management software, it is important to combine human talent with digital tools that increase empathy with the user, and thanks to these processes it is possible to lower costs and improve operational efficiency. TechRules solutions focus on providing value to each client wherever they need it, even in different segments, creating a unique communication channel and user experience.

Rubio has remarked that “data analysis is key to understanding which channel is the most appropriate for each client and that we must adapt our communications, optimizing the experience and adding value”.

TechRules and Mediafin: “Rallye Boursier” is coming back, the gamification solution to boost the financial market

TechRules together with Mediafin, the main Financial media in Benelux, are launching the 4th edition of ‘Rallye Boursier’, the interactive game that seeks to support and train all kinds of independent investors.


The Belgian Financial daily L’Echo and De Tijd collaborate in this fourth edition of the game in which both expert and novice investors will have the opportunity to improve their investment knowledge of the Stock and Fund market and will have the chance to win prizes of up to 10,000 euros.


The game has taken into account even the smallest detail and simulates a digital investment environment just like any broker could have in real life. Developed through a structure of financial APIs, it has been possible to improve user interaction and social reachability by integrating it with social networks and turning the game into a much more competitive environment. Players have the opportunity to create teams with family, friends or co-workers, allowing them to measure their performance. An environment in which they can share ideas, opinions and even compete with each other to improve their experience in the financial market.



For 10 weeks, players will be able to trade with a virtual capital of 50,000 euros and invest in the Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and New York stock exchanges as well as in a diversified selection of Mutual Funds in Belgium. The opportunity to invest in a virtual environment as if they were in the real market but without taking any risk.



With this new application, TechRules, a leader in the creation of Robo Advisors and wealth management software, seeks to generate a training environment for future investors that will improve their experience in the world of the stock market and will be able to extrapolate their knowledge to the real world.