Meeting TechRules´ Support and Maintenance team

The best performance as financial software providers is only possible thanks to the teamwork and communication flow between all the areas in TechRules. The support and maintenance team covers all our clients internationally solving all requirements and needs from actual teams in Europe and Latin America.


The main goal of this team is to ensure the correct running of our wealth management software, Tower, Robo Advisors and Customer Web Portals, having the S&M required per client up to a 24/7 support if needed. This team is always willing to work hand by hand with the customer. Through a ticketing platform system, the client can be always connected with our team, having an open communication channel to solve any incident they might have. And the team will always aim to solve any query as soon as possible, ensuring all the Batch and BackOffice processes work perfectly. 


A committed team, led by Guillermo Villamil, an Industrial Engineer with Master’s degrees in both Quality Management and Project Management. He has been in TechRules more than 15 years and his solid international experience in the tech industry, combined with his vision in building and developing strong customer relationships has turned him into a great leader. 


The S&M department works together with the rest of the members of our company paddling in the same direction to get the best results possible. Thanks to this internal region coverage  we can provide a great support in all the countries our clients are located.


TechRules joins Univeris, a global digital financial solutions provider

This new collaboration will provide Univeris clients with unmatched end-to-end technology platform capabilities.


A new cache of wealthtech solutions is coming your way


We are pleased and proud to announce that we have joined Univeris, a Canadian Based wealthtech firm, a leader in enterprise wealth management trusted by over 10.000 Canadian advisers. 


With more than 30 years of expertise and innovation, Univeris delivers first class presentation, performance, security, fault tolerance and availability. They focus on delivering the best Wealth Management customer experience possible and their solutions have been chosen by 1.5 millions of investors and $165 billions in assets under administration. 


From our side, Univeris will gain TechRules´20-year track record, with our financial services and technologies, trusted by wealth management professionals in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. We’re eager to integrate their high-tech capabilities into our platform so Canadian dealers and advisors can start using a differentiated suite of solutions that will significantly enhance business and client communications.  


Together, we’re better


This collaboration is happening at a great time. Univeris has been on an expansion path to build their tech-centric managed-money platform, SaaS capabilities, and other cloud-based services to stay on top of technology changes that benefit all of our clients. Innovatively and culturally, TechRules is similar to Univeris in its team-based approach and passion for creating the world’s best wealth management platform that grows with our clients. We also share synergies on many technology levels. Together with Univeris, we will be better, and we will be stronger. 


Best-in-class technology


By packaging best-in-class technologies onto one platform, we can provide our clients with improved productivity, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs that can help their brands stand out in the marketplace. Our union with Univeris offers other exponential advantages: 


– End-to-end wealth management platform: Canadian clients will benefit from a powerful and tech-enhanced platform that combines TechRules’ impressive expertise in front-office technology with Univeris’ core strengths in mid-office (compliance) and back-office (custody) services. 


– Better digital advisory services: With TechRules, Univeris dealers and advisors will have access to a more robust and intelligent set of financial advisory services. Upon login, advisors will see one simple but stunning visual dashboard that lets them filter activities, refine client segments, perform advanced analytics, run sophisticated risk models, and so on, based on the type of analysis they want to do. Advisors will also have access to capabilities such as robo- and hybrid-enabled advice models, separately managed accounts (SMAs), model-portfolio services, practice management solutions, and more—and that’s in addition to a library of over 200 different APIs that firms and advisors can use to customize solutions further. Our integrated tech-centric platform will be one of a kind in the Canadian wealth-management space and will hold the bar high when it comes to the client experience.


– Opportunity to expand market share: In an increasingly competitive marketplace, not to mention an ever-evolving regulatory environment, dealers and advisors will need the right technologies to adapt to changes, be more efficient and grow market share. With access to an enhanced set of advisory portfolio tools, our clients can smoothly transition from time-consuming manual workflows to time-saving automated process flows and capture productivity gains and growth along the way.


– Support our clients’ success: As a fintech firm, Univeris knows that technology plays a vital role in their clients’ success, primarily when it’s delivered with flexibility and at scale. By adding deeper expertise and more technical know-how, they are carefully and deliberately boosting the digital quotient of the organization to push progress on pipeline products and services that broaden business value for dealers and advisors—making them more valuable to their clients.


Stronger together. People + Technology. Univeris + TechRules


Univeris always  strives to provide their clients with the best-in-class, adaptable wealth management software and services they need to make their business successful. Today, we live up to that commitment with the power of two—Univeris + TechRules. Together, we’ll be able to bring products and services to market sooner, with the innovation and technical support that our clients deserve. 

Want to talk about ESG?

As ESG regulation is getting more and more attention, we would love to talk with you about how we are adapting solutions and platforms in a constantly innovating market.


It is about companies getting committed with issues that are mattering to society. It is about adapting new models like discretionary portfolio management, advisory and solutions like Robo Advisors to meet customer expectations.  We have already our first green Robo Advisor for a great German Bank and it has been a wonderful experience.


This is the way we want to keep doing things, one step forward, always willing to listen to what concerns to a more and more sustainable society.


We would love to share experience and feedback with you!


TechRules at the Fintech Unconference Madrid 2022

Next 30th of June the Fintech Unconference 2022 will take place  in Madrid, an annual private event that brings together the 100 most innovative CEOs and founders of financial technology companies on the European scene


The Covid lets us breathe for a while letting us feel that longed-for normality by allowing us to meet face to face again. This conference defines the future of the sector in Europe, promoting innovation and development by sharing the topics that are currently setting trends in the market. Debates, seminars and meetings that will put on the table the different versions and opinions about the future of financial technology.


TechRules has been chosen as a participant in this meeting point, thanks to the experience and work in the world of wealth management software in which it has been successful for more than two decades. Our CEO Jaime Bolívar will be the one who will come to share his experience at the helm of this company and what it has meant to continue being a profitable business despite the crises of recent years.


The adaptation of solutions such as Robo Advisors to the new ESG regulations, the importance of robust security against possible cyber-attacks or the rise of discretionary portfolio management, are some of the topics that are making the most noise and that will surely be debated among the conference meetings.


This type of space aims to let the participants themselves put the issues of greatest interest on the table. There is no imposition by the organization, rather it is a meeting point to reflect, share ideas and discuss where the financial technology market is heading.

Discretionary portfolio management: the democratization of wealth management

Discretionary portfolio management has changed the financial entities landscape that have seen in this new type of contracts an opportunity to grow in customers while improving their return


The implementation of the MiFID II regulation in 2018 boosted the progress of this new type of contract by notably improving compliance thanks to the suitability tests, obtaining much more quality data about the financial intentions of each client.


Discretionary management is based on model portfolios that allow each entity to automatically and massively manage their clients’ portfolios. With this type of contract it is possible to monitor these investments with fewer resources involved. Therefore, financial institutions have the opportunity to turn towards a discretionary model of portfolio management that reduces the high costs of advice that are passed on to clients.


This new term of the financial world comes from the fact that it is precisely an investment of the client’s assets “at the discretion” of the entity looking for the best opportunities. A new way of investing that can involve a more automated process (industrialized) or a manual one (only available for certain clients). A model that combines the capabilities of each customer and advisor with the latest technology to optimize the cost and to systematize the service provided to the client.


Professional model portfolio construction and monitoring services play a crucial role in the automated process. For this discretionary portfolio management, the process is based on model portfolios, which allows customers’ portfolios to be automatically rebalanced. Using the data provided in their risk profile, the client will be assigned the model portfolio that best suits their investment objectives (including sustainable portfolios under ESG criteria), allowing contributions and refunds.


While before it was necessary to limit yourself to specific portfolios adjusted to certain risk profiles, today, thanks to the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, we are able to create the model portfolio that best suits the needs of each client.


This discretionary automated portfolio management can be done through a wealth management software such as a Robo Advisor, for which it is essential to have state-of-the-art APIs that meet the specifications of each client. With experience, we have learned that to deliver the best management service it is essential that the business rules are configured under the rebalancing algorithm. This is what will allow optimizing the number of operations and therefore the costs that affect the client.


So, the trend in the financial industry is clear: entities are turning from advice to a discretionary management model, due to automation and cost reduction for their clients. Definitely, the investment in discretionary portfolios is revolutionizing the way of investing by allowing a real democratization in the wealth management industry.


TechRules at the Private Banking & Wealth Management: Switzerland 2022 Conference and Awards

We are exhausted and satisfied!


We participated at the Private Banking & Wealth Management Conference Switzerland 2022 at the Zurich Marriott Hotel last week.  It has been a great conference and it was exciting to get back in touch with many of you.


After waiting for more than two years to get on track of in-person events, we where so excited to be again showing all we have achieved in face to face meetings.


We took this exclusive opportunity to get re-connected with the industry, see the latest innovations and technologies and be part of the financial European trend. We had the chance to get to know all the innovations and successes in the market and also to chat and share experiences, the thing we like the most.


Begoña Rubio and Javier Carrallo, members of our Global Business Development team had a bustling event, talking and explaining the advantages of our wealth management solution for Advisory, Discretionary and Execution, as well as our customer sites and Robo Advisors.



We came back  with the feeling that we did a very good job at our stand, sharing our more than 20 years of experience and talking about our clients and partners with who we have integrated all our solutions, getting the best for the end customer.


We can wait for the next event and be again surrounded with all this expertise and knowledge!


See you soon!



TechRules with Ucrania

Ukraine is facing what probably is the biggest migration crisis of the 21st century. Millions of Ucranians have had to leave their country because of the  Russian invasion and at TechRules we have decided to play our part.


Help in Action, NGOs with which TechRules has been years collaborating in several projects around the world, is participating in a platform formed by 8 European organizations (Alliance 2015) that is taking actions in Ukraine and remotely to coordinate all the humanitarian help, for now essential for the Ukrainian people. 



More than 27.600 people will benefit from the actions coordinated by this group that has 250 workers on field, that are also making strategic alliances with local organizations, key for the delivery of products coming from all over the world. 


This alliance between organizations is allowing not only food delivery and basic goods but the improvement of other essential aspects to guarantee the wellness of the people displaced. In some centers, small rehabilitations have taken place to improve the quality of living, such as basic sanitation of water facilities and the repair of heat systems. 



Due to the bombing and siege of several Ukranian cities, almost 3 million people have no acces to water. Help in Action with Alliance 15 is delivering drinking water to more than 15.000 people.


We know that in this kind of situation, all help is little and from TechRules we have collaborated for these organizations to keep having supplies and resources to help the most vulnerable people of this terrible conflict. 

WealthTech 100: TechRules once again featured as one of the best fintech companies in the world

The WealthTech100 panel of experts  selects every year the most innovative 100 companies in the financial sector, between more than 1000 candidates. The experience and state-of-the-art solutions have been key for featuring TechRules once again as one of the most competitive companies in the market.


TechRules has been in the industry for more than 20 years, innovating and developing modular, API based wealth management solutions and Robo Advisor, and  this has been taken into consideration by the experts that have created this list. At a time where digitalization is key, it is essential to listen to the customers, and this is why we have been focused on portfolio management apified solutions, customer web portals and great Robo Advisors. All our solutions are built meeting user´s expectations, either in advice, discretionary management or execution.


The specialized firm Fintech Global is the one in charge of searching in the market the best wealthtech companies that keep adapting to changes and new challenges. The best financial analysis tools, the best ESG regulation management or the best Robo Advisor solutions have been analyzed for selecting the most innovative companies in the sector.


At TechRules we have been keeping our team work, solving the new customer needs due to political and economical international circumstances. Our offices around the world have been keeping the innovation in onboarding, lead generation solutions and campaigns and multiobjective financial planning, among others. We have reinforced our solutions, paying special attention to the quality and security of data, something essential for intelligent financial decision making. 


Once again we thank Fintech Global for this innovation and technology award.

What will private banking customers be like in the future?

The accelerated digitalization caused by the pandemic has definitively transformed the way clients all over the world manage their investments. The recent European crisis have generated greater concern and a need for entities to update their solutions and technologies such as Robo Advisors and wealth management software to meet user expectations.


In this new digitalized era there are many decisive factors when it comes to predicting what the future behavior of the next customers will be like. Many financial entities have not known how to adapt to new trends and have continued with outdated systems that do not respond with the immediacy and precision demanded by the new generations of investors. The proliferation of Fintechs competing in technology and new products can overwhelm and confuse customers, and so the emergence of new regulations and standards. Transparency, security and data quality become key factors when choosing in which “hands” the client leaves his assets.


The new generation of investors is more numerous, has a younger profile, is familiarized with new technologies and asks for customizable financial solutions. A more demanding generation that wants greater control over all their investments and also immediacy and precision when accessing their financial data. In addition, this new globalized audience is concerned about the environment and calls for sustainable solutions that respect it or that contribute to the development of social factors.


The profile of the new clients


The new audience targeted by the most innovative wealth management solutions and Robo Advisors is very different from the one traditionally associated with banking. There are more new clients than in the past, they are younger, more prepared and they have grown up in a completely globalized environment. This environment will also make them demand sustainable and environmentally friendly wealth management solutions.


This modern investor is used to having the latest technologies in all aspects of his personal and working life, so he will demand the latest innovations and digital features that allow him to access his financial information immediately and from any device or channel. This new client is willing to share more financial information so the advisory services like Robo Advisors are more customizable. For entities, the use of Artificial Intelligence in their solutions, becomes the greatest tool to achieve this expected customization. Data analysis and task automation are fundamental so the advisor has more time to focus on strengthening the relationship with his clients. 


For financial institutions it is essential to provide differential value, offering innovative, easy to manage and intuitive solutions. This new customer used to digital innovations will be much more demanding and impatient, so a robust, secure wealth management software that guarantees the quality of the data is key for any financial institution that wants to continue in the market.