Householding: How do we add value to clients with virtual portfolio and aggregation?

What does “householding” mean? It’s a group of linked accounts, whether that is for family, generational or intergenerational reasons.


For instance, you can use family ties (my husband/wife, my children or my own accounts) to create a “Household” while investing, giving this group a more accurate representation of the client’s financial situation than individual accounts.


Both, clients and the financial advisor can look at the bigger picture in a holistic way and from different angles in order to achieve the stated goals. Moreover, they can also evaluate the impact of the decision making in a more precise and accurate way as they take into consideration all the relationships. 


But why are “householdings” useful?

  • Because they allow you to have a complete understanding and clear vision of your clients’ assets as well as their financial situation.

  • They offer you the chance to group, strengthen, divide, segment and distribute the clients’ data and information.

  • Financial advisors can produce, prepare and distribute the information in different formats, depending on the recipient, hence offering a better service.


The bottom line is that financial advisors become empowered in order to deliver a top quality service to their clients and ensure that they meet the client’s needs.


That being said, financial advisors must have appropriate, reliable and efficient technology in order to handle households’ large amounts of data and achieve competitive advantages.


Furthermore, these solutions’ architecture must be prepared to:

  • Have a strong foundation to be able to add data from multiple sources.

  • Visualize data in different levels or layers.

  • Protect sensitive data, demanding the application of securitizations that guarantee their confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Another important point to take into consideration are the different investment strategies and types of products that are involved in more complex investments (hedge funds, private equity and alternative investments, amongst others). All of them have different idiosyncrasies that must be considered and integrated properly, as not every Wealth Management solution is compatible with those kinds of assets.


On the other hand, “households” need a more sophisticated risk monitorization, as well as a portfolio tracking, compared to the pre-established goals stated in an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).



In summary, approaching “householding” makes business sense since it brings value to the clients and builds customer loyalty. However, in order to implement this strategy, it’s necessary to measure the effort and tools needed to:

  • execute it efficiently

  • make it sustainable over time


Tower, our Wealth Management solution, offers a simple, reliable and efficient way to manage all the client’s information: 


*An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a document written between a portfolio manager and a client that outlines the general rules for the advisor. This statement explains the client’s investment goals and aims, and describes the strategies the manager should adopt to achieve those objectives. Specific information on issues such as asset allocation, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements is included in an investment policy statement.



Happy Holidays from TechRules!

As 2022 winds down, we’ve been thinking about ways to show appreciation for our clients as well as opportunities to help our communities feeling the strain of this year’s epochal events. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, and in lieu of a traditional gift, we’ve decided to make a donation on behalf of all our clients and from everyone at TechRules to Ukraine, Ayuda en Acción, Research to heal, and we are helping to build a school in Ethiopia—to help and support them with the resources they need most.

We wish you a happy holiday season!  

TechRules, a solid partner for financial entities’ digital transformation

TechRules has more than 20 years of experience helping financial entities worldwide with their digitalization and providing them with the most innovative solutions in the market so that they can offer their clients investment platforms with the highest quality.


Digital transformation is challenging for most financial institutions nowadays and, sometimes, they find obstacles along the way such as lack of knowledge, resources, methods and, especially, shortage of efficient solutions. However, the benefits they gain with digitalization are considerable: they become more flexible and agile with client management, they get access to updated data resulting in an increase in productivity and team efficiency. Additionally, another key factor is the ease of communication with their clients, decreasing associated costs and improving the entities’ position in the market. 


Considering the technological evolution of our society in the last few years (approximately, 3 of every 10 cybernauts in the world have used banking applications, highlighting countries like Denmark or Finland where more than 90% of their population make online financial operations), this digital transformation has became a much needed aim for financial entities, being requested by the vast majority of their clients. That’s why banks from all over the world are constantly innovating, evolving and trying to find new ways to stand out from their competition. Because they are aware of what their clients and investors expect from them: a 24/7 reliable, personalized, efficient and quality service, with the highest level of security and performance.


We also have to keep in mind that, when financial entities do things well and their products meet customers expectations, increases in demand happen. In order to manage those situations it’s important to have a flexible and highly scalable infrastructure.


Because of this, TechRules, offers financial entities a very successful SaaS model that allows them to install the solution in the cloud without the need to make further investments in infrastructure. The benefits are significant, including cost savings, more flexibility (they are accessible from anywhere as well as customizable and scalable), more secure (implementing the latest protective measures), and TechRules being in charge of their maintenance and updating.


In summary, it’s essential to have customer-oriented and quality resources, methods and solutions with the highest level of security and efficiency to be able to offer your clients new and better software solutions such as:


Tower: It’s a 360-degrees Wealth Management platform that helps financial advisors to efficiently manage a large number of customer portfolios and investments. This advanced APIfied software allows, amongst other things, to design model portfolios, make investment proposals (including ESG models), prepare personalized and automatic reports for each client, offer strong financial planning, and even run marketing campaigns to increase advisors’ productivity.  In addition, it offers a complete CRM with alerts that makes daily activity management easier. That is to say, the asset manager will be able to automate the investment process in order to minimize potential data errors and exponentially increase the ROI.

Robo Advisor: We introduced our Tower platform within the Robo Advisor’s financial platform. This hybrid Wealth Management solution offers discretionary management and combines digital and traditional advice. It’s a multi-goal, multi-country and multi-currency platform, and it’s also able to customize investment advice to any kind of investors, depending on their goals or risk tolerance. It’s important to be able to offer a strong Onboarding that complies with regulations as well as carefully and independently tracking each client’s action on the platform.

Model Portfolio Services: We offer advanced consultancy services that use artificial intelligence to create appropriate model portfolios for each investor and entity, depending on their risk tolerance. Our team of financial experts is responsible for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data from 10.000 local and global funds in order to develop the best investment strategies for every client, depending on their profile and goals. Moreover, our consultants also offer full support throughout the investment process, besides carefully following each client’s investment and writing detailed audit, commercial and investment reports.


We also provide financial entities with APIfied solutions thanks to our Wealth Management API marketplace so they can create their own Robo Advisors or custom-made solutions, showing them the automated steps to be followed. Our APIs can easily be integrated with in-house or third party solutions, they have a reduced time-to-market and meet the highest security standards. Furthermore, they also meet MiFID II and local regulations of each country. 


All the Wealth Management solutions mentioned above meet the highest security standards. TechRules takes security very seriously and we commit ourselves to protect our clients’ data as we are very aware of  the threats and dangers of financial institutions to suffer cyber attacks and the massive problems and losses that can lead to (not only financially but also regarding data, time or reputation). Moreover, that can also cause important issues to their clients. Because of that, our platforms are developed in a way that allows us to prevent security problems from the bottom as well as offering the maximum level of protection and meeting demanding international legislations.


Ultimately, we know the value that we have given to our clients over the years, growing in different segments and countries with them. Our extensive experience in the industry and innovative solutions are our foundation to help you offer the best services in the market to your clients. Our goal is to continue improving and innovating our solutions so that we can fulfill our client’s most demanding requests and requirements. 


We will be pleased to assist you with your digital transformation and become your software provider. Let ‘s talk!

TechRules takes part in the Rankia Funds Experience Valencia 2022

TechRules attended the 5th edition of the Rankia Funds Experience organized in Valencia showcasing our innovative Wealth Management solutions


This event gathers important national and international asset management professionals every year and TechRules didn’t want to miss it. In this case, Javier Carrallo, Senior Business Development at TechRules, introduced some of our most useful Wealth Management solutions amongst fund managers, placing great emphasis on Tower and My Portfolio:


TOWER: It’s a 360º advisory and discretionary management platform that helps financial advisors to manage large amounts of portfolios automating their client’s investment process. Moreover, it allows asset managers to follow their portfolios’ activity and make personalized investment proposals to each client according to their investment profile, goals and risk tolerance, along with solid automatic portfolio reports. It can also be installed on both SaaS and On Premise.


MY PORTFOLIO: It’s an investment monitoring tool that helps asset managers to quickly follow-up on their client’s portfolios and investments. Additionally, this solution also allows creating portfolios, comparing their investment’s risk levels and profitability, and sharing the results with the rest of Rankia´s investment community.


Generally speaking, our Wealth Management solutions will help entities to exponentially increase their ROI since they minimize the time dedicated to repetitive and administrative tasks, and they accelerate the process of acquiring new customers. They also meet the highest security standards and comply with the current regulation in every country. 


TechRules has more than 20 years of experience offering innovative solutions with the highest quality and security levels to fund managers, private wealth managers and banks worldwide so that their client’s can have the best possible investment experience.


Do you want to know more about it? Contact us!



Welcome to the hybrid advisory service era!

If before the pandemic, private banking was heading towards digitalization of transactional operations, after Covid-19 we can safely say that digital tools have increased exponentially. A few years ago, financial entities started strongly developing a hybrid consulting methodology for investments, where customers can get digital recommendations thanks to Robo-Advisors with advanced algorithms without losing personalized attention and human interaction with their advisors.


Hybrid Robo-Advisor prototypes offer important benefits when scenarios like the following arise: if clients are skeptical, tend to question advice generated from machines and prefer to rely on investment managers; when investors have a personalized and professional treatment so they can balance their fiscal and financial goals (collection of tax losses, financial plan, net worth estimation…); or when customers have uncertainties (especially in this current situation when the markets are very volatile and unpredictable) and want their doubts and concerns to be personally addressed by financial advisors. Ultimately, those are customers who rather have a hybrid advice that combines Robo-Advisor tools with traditional investment managers that they are willing to pay for. That is to say, they find comfort in talking in person with experts.


Moreover, as markets have been fluctuating lately as a result of the stressful and uncertain times we are living in, these types of hybrid investment platforms could have an exceptional impact and return to entities.

In the specific case of our hybrid Robo-Advisor, investors will have access to a platform where they can complete a survey about their goals and risk tolerance. Depending on the result obtained, the Robo-Advisor will recommend to them the portfolio to invest in that best suits them based on the type of investor profile they are (conservative, moderate or aggressive) and after doing an exhaustive market analysis.


That way, they will be able to manage their wealth in a more efficient way but, constantly staying in touch with their financial advisors, who will personally verify and process their investments bringing an extra value.  



Another differential point of our Robo-Advisor is that it can be both on SaaS (uploaded in the cloud, which is the option chosen by most companies) and “On-Premise” (on the banking entities’ servers). On the other hand, TechRules hybrid Robo-Advisor is multi-currency, multi-product and multi-segment. Therefore, every banking customer segment has access to this hybrid approach (young and mass affluent investors, affluent investors, high net worth and ultra high net worth investors).


Furthermore, TechRules’ Robo-Advisor complies with each region’s regulations and is specifically adapted to european legislations such as MiFID II and SFDR that obliges customer’s environment investments preference options to be included in the suitability survey. The Robo-Advisor is a digital solution that offers an investment portfolio management software and, therefore, we have adapted our product to be able to offer thematic model portfolios – including ESG, onboarding questionnaires, compliances checks and taking into account your reporting needs.


Additionally, TechRules’ Robo-Advisor also provides high-quality support and even a specific SLA if it is required.


In summary, this huge technological and financial breakthrough will let financial entities take advantage of the best of each worlds (digital and face-to-face) and offer its clients superior customer service to manage their investments. 


TechRules has been helping financial advisors to reach their goals for over two decades. Now, we are taking a step further and offering our international experience with digital solutions and Robo-Advisors to provide our customers with a hybrid answer for their final clients.

Meeting TechRules´ Support and Maintenance team

The best performance as financial software providers is only possible thanks to the teamwork and communication flow between all the areas in TechRules. The support and maintenance team covers all our clients internationally solving all requirements and needs from actual teams in Europe and Latin America.


The main goal of this team is to ensure the correct running of our wealth management software, Tower, Robo Advisors and Customer Web Portals, having the S&M required per client up to a 24/7 support if needed. This team is always willing to work hand by hand with the customer. Through a ticketing platform system, the client can be always connected with our team, having an open communication channel to solve any incident they might have. And the team will always aim to solve any query as soon as possible, ensuring all the Batch and BackOffice processes work perfectly. 


A committed team, led by Guillermo Villamil, an Industrial Engineer with Master’s degrees in both Quality Management and Project Management. He has been in TechRules more than 15 years and his solid international experience in the tech industry, combined with his vision in building and developing strong customer relationships has turned him into a great leader. 


The S&M department works together with the rest of the members of our company paddling in the same direction to get the best results possible. Thanks to this internal region coverage  we can provide a great support in all the countries our clients are located.


TechRules joins Univeris, a global digital financial solutions provider

This new collaboration will provide Univeris clients with unmatched end-to-end technology platform capabilities.


A new cache of wealthtech solutions is coming your way


We are pleased and proud to announce that we have joined Univeris, a Canadian Based wealthtech firm, a leader in enterprise wealth management trusted by over 10.000 Canadian advisers. 


With more than 30 years of expertise and innovation, Univeris delivers first class presentation, performance, security, fault tolerance and availability. They focus on delivering the best Wealth Management customer experience possible and their solutions have been chosen by 1.5 millions of investors and $165 billions in assets under administration. 


From our side, Univeris will gain TechRules´20-year track record, with our financial services and technologies, trusted by wealth management professionals in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. We’re eager to integrate their high-tech capabilities into our platform so Canadian dealers and advisors can start using a differentiated suite of solutions that will significantly enhance business and client communications.  


Together, we’re better


This collaboration is happening at a great time. Univeris has been on an expansion path to build their tech-centric managed-money platform, SaaS capabilities, and other cloud-based services to stay on top of technology changes that benefit all of our clients. Innovatively and culturally, TechRules is similar to Univeris in its team-based approach and passion for creating the world’s best wealth management platform that grows with our clients. We also share synergies on many technology levels. Together with Univeris, we will be better, and we will be stronger. 


Best-in-class technology


By packaging best-in-class technologies onto one platform, we can provide our clients with improved productivity, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs that can help their brands stand out in the marketplace. Our union with Univeris offers other exponential advantages: 


– End-to-end wealth management platform: Canadian clients will benefit from a powerful and tech-enhanced platform that combines TechRules’ impressive expertise in front-office technology with Univeris’ core strengths in mid-office (compliance) and back-office (custody) services. 


– Better digital advisory services: With TechRules, Univeris dealers and advisors will have access to a more robust and intelligent set of financial advisory services. Upon login, advisors will see one simple but stunning visual dashboard that lets them filter activities, refine client segments, perform advanced analytics, run sophisticated risk models, and so on, based on the type of analysis they want to do. Advisors will also have access to capabilities such as robo- and hybrid-enabled advice models, separately managed accounts (SMAs), model-portfolio services, practice management solutions, and more—and that’s in addition to a library of over 200 different APIs that firms and advisors can use to customize solutions further. Our integrated tech-centric platform will be one of a kind in the Canadian wealth-management space and will hold the bar high when it comes to the client experience.


– Opportunity to expand market share: In an increasingly competitive marketplace, not to mention an ever-evolving regulatory environment, dealers and advisors will need the right technologies to adapt to changes, be more efficient and grow market share. With access to an enhanced set of advisory portfolio tools, our clients can smoothly transition from time-consuming manual workflows to time-saving automated process flows and capture productivity gains and growth along the way.


– Support our clients’ success: As a fintech firm, Univeris knows that technology plays a vital role in their clients’ success, primarily when it’s delivered with flexibility and at scale. By adding deeper expertise and more technical know-how, they are carefully and deliberately boosting the digital quotient of the organization to push progress on pipeline products and services that broaden business value for dealers and advisors—making them more valuable to their clients.


Stronger together. People + Technology. Univeris + TechRules


Univeris always  strives to provide their clients with the best-in-class, adaptable wealth management software and services they need to make their business successful. Today, we live up to that commitment with the power of two—Univeris + TechRules. Together, we’ll be able to bring products and services to market sooner, with the innovation and technical support that our clients deserve. 

Want to talk about ESG?

As ESG regulation is getting more and more attention, we would love to talk with you about how we are adapting solutions and platforms in a constantly innovating market.


It is about companies getting committed with issues that are mattering to society. It is about adapting new models like discretionary portfolio management, advisory and solutions like Robo Advisors to meet customer expectations.  We have already our first green Robo Advisor for a great German Bank and it has been a wonderful experience.


This is the way we want to keep doing things, one step forward, always willing to listen to what concerns to a more and more sustainable society.


We would love to share experience and feedback with you!