TechRules at the FIF 2019 in Brussels: The impact of AI in Robo Advisors | TechRules

The main benefit of Artificial Intelligence in Robo Advisors will be automation.


Jaime Bolivar, Managing Director at TechRules explains at the FIF 2019 the main benefit of using AI in the Wealth Management industry. This technology is fast becoming a priority in the digital transformation strategy for major firms, helping them to automate process. TechRules as technology provider is developing AI solutions that focus on Managing Risk, building a personalized Front Office experience and on the complete Asset Management process.

TechRules launches an online on-boarding global solution for financial entities and fund managers

TechRules, the leading software company for wealth management, has developed a global solution that allows the full on-boarding process and online acquisition of portfolios for clients of financial entities and advisory companies

This digital on-boarding can be carried out through digital signature, as other procedures like “know your customer” (KYC) and “Anti-Money Laundering” (AML). TechRules solution implements not only on-boarding, but also profinling as the client can fill in the MiFID II test and portfolio management as the client can buy multiasset portfolios depending on his profile.


This solution saves time and costs in the on-boarding management, the client investment profiling and the portfolio acquisition. Additionally, these tools implement alerts linked to the company CRM, like expiration warnings for suitability tests or digital signature, or the temporary change of brokers that can offer any added support to the final customer.


After MiFID II had been pin place, individual investors have a larger protection that has pushed fund managers and other financial entities to develop processes according to this regulation. The cost of these regulatory changes is high, but technological tools linked to certification systems, like the digital signature, allow a double task of compliance and saving.


“TechRules is, as usual, at the vanguard of the industry, opening ways for innovation. Our experience of more than 20 years helps us anticipate the trends that appear in the sector afterwards. We make an in-depth analysis of current technologies, regulations and add the value of our knowledge to switch everything in a global, easy to use solution to implement them in system that fund managers and financial entities have today available in order to contribute to the development of their business”, explains Jaime Bolivar, general manager of TechRules.

Building up your Tower: switching to your clients’ needs

Rebuilt the logic into a more flexible model with APIs as key components to provide an accurate solution.

Flexibility is one of the main buzzwords of our times. People must be flexible to adapt their careers to companies, companies must be flexible to adapt their products to the market, markets must be flexible to let the economy work. In this landscape, technologies must also develop flexible solutions. The trend has been clear in this century. What kind of products were offered in the 2000’s for computing, internet or software? Many of them were full solutions: webs with all kind of services (the famous “portals”), mobiles came with their own software (and it was impossible to change or update it ) and software suites were “best solution ever”, because they gave you all you need in one product.


However, this is not the point now. For instance, if we think in mobile phones, we choose the software through a market place with an app for every specific task. Somehow, it is also the model for more developed or professional systems. Companies do not look anymore for large platforms, difficult to implement, expensive to maintain, complicated to update and running slower over time. Flexibility is also the buzzword.



TechRules has perceived this market trend and changed the focus with its 5-star product: Tower. This platform is a reference in the fintech market in order to develop all kind of tasks: on boarding, client management, portfolio management, investment tools or financial planning composed some elements of our financial software suite for companies. We have always customized the platform following the company’s needs, but we have rebuilt the logic into a more flexible model: APIs are now key components to provide an accurate solution.


We listen to the client and take into account their strategic needs in the short, medium and long term and assess the development of Tower for them. If the initial project focuses in providing with a more user-friendly on-boarding process and some tools to follow individual portfolios, we create the heart of this platform switched to these two APIs, but with a platform that is ready to grow progressively according to the business plan. If the platform needs to be enlarged with more services, like financial planning, we just connect it. If any service has to be updated or substitute, the compatibility is easy. On the contrary, if any service does not work for the company strategy, we switch off the API and the platform runs without any trouble.


TechRules’ know-how after more than 20 years materialises in discovering market trends when they are in their initial process . With cutting-edge technology and a very specialised team, the secret is listening to the client needs and creates a modular and flexible solution. As finances are changing with regulations, new kind of investment products and a more profiles, companies cannot depend on expensive, heavy and slow running software solutions for finances. If companies and final clients live in a world where flexibility is the trend, let’s also apply it for fintech: build up your Tower after analysing your business needs and obtain full success with your clients, your company development and (most importantly) your profit and loss account.

TechRules designs a new algorithm based on Machine Learning to help discover new and specific investment ideas for each investor

If two heads think better than one, imagine having 100 or 1,000 investors sharing ideas on the best possible investment option for your portfolio.


TechRules has realized that the investor’s journey is filled with uncertainty when it comes to making decisions. That’s why we have developed a sophisticated classification system for our community My T-Advisor taking it as a reference for the portfolio structure ensuring a unique and improved digital experience.




After running a deep analysis of our community, we realized that many investors have more in common than they had notice. Taking this as a starting point, we have look for the best way to make the investor’s digital journey, more suitable according to their needs and making it as effortless as possible.


¨By running a series of algorithms based on Machine Learning we are able to show several, personalized, investment ideas for each and every investor.¨


To achieve this our algorithm:


  • Identify groups: On our 40,000+ investor’s community, we have been able to identify different users with similar investment characteristics.
  • Identify the most suitable product: Once we have been able to identify the different groups, the algorithm looks for the asset which best fit with the investor according to its profile.


Our system is designed to identify the best asset for each investor, uses technology based on Machine Learning that runs automatically on a daily basis. This, every time the investor uses the platform and/or tools at, will get the most up to date information. That information can be used to look for new financial assets in order to improve the future results of the investment portfolio.




The main goal of T-Advisor has always been the use of technology in order to improve the user experience helping them to build and manage their portfolio in the most efficient way. These types of actions are looking to minimize the investor’s effort and reduce the time of a complex and exhausting searching process for new assets in a large universe of financial assets. This customer-centric strategy uses the broad and deep market knowledge of our financial community to improve the performance of their portfolio.


My T-Advisor is a leading solution that provides a set of tools for independent advisors and investors. My T-Advisor was developed by TechRules, leader in innovation and technology development and international reference to a wide investor community.

TechRules among the top 10 best Wealth Management solution providers in UK 2019

The ability in delivering solutions, expertise in the domain, competencies and impact of the solution have place TechRules among the Top 10 Wealth Management solution provider in UK.



TechRules’ solutions once again, have been recognized for its technological innovation and real business value in the financial industry, and have placed it as one of the 10 best Wealth Management solutions providers in the UK according to the magazine Banking CIO Outlook.


Because of the digital revolutions and new technologies like AI, Machine Learning and cloud computing, the need arise for financial entities to be aware of the solutions that lead to innovation and adaptability according to their specific business needs. Reason why the editorial board of the financial magazine has selected a handful of leading Wealth Management solution providers after taking into considerations their ability in delivering solutions and keeping in mind factors like expertise in the domain, competencies, and the impact of the solution in the finance.



“TechRules has become a market leader in the Wealth Management space, and offers multiple solutions to answer all of the issues individuals in the financial arena face” – – Banking CIO Outlook


In more than 20 years of experience, TechRules has had innovation at the very core of its strategy and their solutions have been the best reflection of it, providing solutions that help financial firms with real problems and that are scalable to their business strategy.

The secret to enlarge customer base with APIs: Discretionary Management Robo Advisor in Latin America

Creating digital resources that can make investments easier for both, financial firms and final users


Demanding is usually a typical word in the FinTech industry: developments are demanding, platforms are demanding, the design is demanding, interaction with final customers is demanding… Should “demanding” be always the buzz word? In TechRules we don’t agree.After more than 20 years of developing technological solutions for finances, we can provide with resources that can make investments easier for both companies and final users.


This is what we are currently doing in Latin America. The handicap is high: how to enlarge the customer base with medium-income people for a financial company? How can this company offer discretionary management advisory with lower prices? First of all, we have analysed the specific characteristics of the market to adjust our solutions.


  • 1. The platform has to be easy. The best way was a combination of flexible APIs focused on specific tasks that can build the full platform.
  • 2. This modular design reduces not only initial costs but also maintenance because future developments will be easy to implement and with almost no risk of incompatibility.
  • 3. The platform structure will be independent of design. That means that there is great flexibility for the company. It can design an interface with the corporate look and feel that can be changed at any time with no effects on the modules.
  • 4. In the case the firm would like to implement new features, the switch will be also easy and fully compatible, as the API codes are very standardised.
  • 5. TechRules specific APIs will be a competitive advantage for the company putting in place the required functionality to comply with profiling, investment proposals, model portfolios, reporting among many others.
  • 6. The API platform will be built with a simple structure that will answer the specific needs from the company (as calculations, engines or algorithms) and from the final customer (easy to use, clear reporting, simple interface, intuitive profiling).



Future final customers of our Robo Advisor in Latin America will find an interface in which they will easily register and get their profiling with a simple questionnaire to be able to set investment objectives and do the follow up accordingly. These questionnaires will comply with legal requirements with time-saving for people, after the application of language processing solutions that makes the process more intuitive.


After they have obtained their profile, final customers can choose the best model portfolio. In this point, TechRules experience in asset management and algorithms through Gear Investments UK (FCA regulated company) help financial advisers create the best combinations of assets from the most conservative to the most risky. Even more, the specific API can be programmed to rebalance the portfolio every certain period in order to withdraw the worst assets and change them for others with better performances.


Final customers can follow their investments and obtain simple reports with the most relevant figures, as we think that more data does not mean better information.


In the end, it is about developing technological solutions to improve the results of the company and also improve individual investment returns. Modularity, application of APIs for specific tasks, implementation of machine learning and natural language processing, attractive look and feel, easy interface and customer interaction: these are the 5 main principles for a successful FinTech solution that TechRules follows.

Pourquoi miser sur la technologie des API ?

Par Sabine BROUN, Benelux Manager chez TechRules


Au 20ème siècle, toute l’attention était concentrée sur le hardware. Lorsqu’une machine devenait obsolète, on en achetait une nouvelle pour faire face aux nouveaux développements. Aujourd’hui, la complexité s’est accentuée, les machines sont devenues extrêmement efficaces et proportionnellement moins chères. De nos jours, l’enjeu majeur réside clairement dans le software. La tendance des entreprises technologiques est de mettre en place de grandes plateformes digitales disposant des meilleures options pour leurs utilisateurs finaux. Cette tendance touche aussi le secteur financier.


Ce type de plateforme présente bien évidemment des avantages et des inconvénients. En effet, si vous disposez d’une plateforme digitale complète, vous bénéficiez d’un large éventail de fonctionnalités pour votre entreprise avec le même code et le même langage de programmation pour réduire de manière significative les problèmes d’incompatibilité, mais vous dépendez d’un ou plusieurs fournisseurs qui effectuent des mises à jour, et ces dernières ralentissent généralement le fonctionnement des machines et accroissent les possibilités d’erreurs.


C’est pourquoi, l’une des dernières tendances technologiques, qui sera sans nul doute suivie par d’autres, porte sur l’utilisation des API. Ce nouveau modèle a fait beaucoup de bruit chez les Fintech car ces API sont flexibles, évolutives et les entreprises obtiennent une certaine indépendance vis-à-vis du fournisseur et améliorent leur expérience utilisateur avec des investissements moindres.


Pourquoi une Fintech devrait-elle surfer sur la vague des API ?


Voici six raisons majeures:


  • Les API apportent une solution spécifique pour une fonctionnalité spécifique. Dans ce cas, vous évitez des développements complexes tout en gardant la possibilité de mettre en place de nouvelles versions. Les API permetten d’obtenir un service plus stable. Elles sont développées et pensées en modèle plug-and-play.
  • Les API sont compatibles avec toutes sortes de plateformes. Comme indiqué précédemment, la technologie des API est normalisée et flexible, ce qui la rend compatible avec pratiquement tout type de plateforme. Les coûts sont réduits et les développements plus faciles.
  • Les API sont des solutions à faibles coûts. Il vous suffit d’investir dans des solutions spécifiques qui sont faciles à transférer sur votre plateforme. Vous mettez à jour vos fonctionnalités sans devoir
    effectuer des changements complexes dans le code de votre plateforme, ni penser à changer la plateforme entière pour une nouvelle. Cela apporte également plus de sécurité pour votre infrastructure technologique et réduit le risque de bugs.
  • Les API améliorent l’expérience de l’utilisateur grâce à leur simplicité d’utilisation, leur conception attrayante et leur sécurité technologique. Si nous pensons qu’une simple icône dans les réseaux sociaux à la fin d’une nouvelle (c’est-à-dire une API) dans un journal numérique augmente les chances de publier cette nouvelle sur votre propre compte, alors nous avons déjà perçu ce que signifie une utilisation simple des API
  • Les API permettent l’évolutivité pour améliorer les services qu’elles offrent. Vous pouvez élargir leur utilisation dans différents modules de votre plateforme, à moindre coût technologique et vous êtes plus indépendant de votre fournisseur
  • Les API sont des solutions efficaces et de qualité pour incorporer de nouvelles fonctionnalités dans vos anciennes plateformes. En outre, si une API spécifique devient obsolète, il suffit de la désactiver. Cette façon de faire est moins gênante pour votre utilisateur qu’un changement dans le code de la plateforme qui peut poser des soucis.


Il y a une question que l’on peut poser d’une manière rationnelle : cela signifie-t-il qu’il convient d’implémenter des API dans tous les cas ? Pour répondre à cette question, il est nécessaire de penser au concept de transformation digitale qui engendre de nouveaux développements, de nouveaux outils, de nouvelles technologies, de nouveaux produits…bref, qui apporte de la nouveauté. Les entreprises réalisent constamment des investissements de différents types et, dans le monde de la haute technologie, nous devons accepter qu’il y ait un coût lié à la technologie de pointe pour améliorer les résultats, réduire les charges et être plus efficaces pour nos clients finaux.


Les API sont un moyen de mettre en œuvre des réponses faciles aux besoins des utilisateurs. Par exemple, si vous avez besoin d’un développement spécifique afin de fournir à votre client des propositions d’investissement avec un nouveau design, l’implémentation d’une API peut être un moyen d’intégrer rapidement la nouvelle marque pendant que vous développez des changements plus difficiles dans votre plateforme. Une autre API peut aussi aider les clients à remplir et à signer leurs demandes d’investissements ou encore à effectuer une modification du questionnaire réglementaire ou du questionnaire de risques. Tous ces changements se réalisent simplement, car vous n’avez qu’à ajuster l’API.


Certains fournisseurs Fintech y ont déjà vu une opportunité de marché et une niche. TechRules, en particulier, a créé des API spécifiques avec deux objectifs précis : d’une part, couvrir les besoins technologiques des institutions financières et, d’autre part, améliorer l’expérience de l’utilisateur. Pour les institutions financières, les API peuvent représenter des solutions ciblées et avancées de gestion de portefeuilles, d’analyses de données, d’outils d’investissement, de conseils en investissement, de portefeuilles modèles, de calculs avancés ou de mise en conformité.


Dans le cadre de la stratégie numérique, les API permettent de choisir les solutions nécessaires en fonction des besoins spécifiques pour répondre aux objectifs de chaque entité. Elles présentent en outre l’intérêt d’une intégration facile et d’une compatibilité avec tout système. Pour les clients finaux, l’utilisation des API présente de nombreux avantages, comme une plus grande facilité d’utilisation et d’interaction, en plus d’une conception et de graphiques faciles à interpréter. Il existe sans aucun doute de nombreux concurrents qui développent des API, mais, parmi eux, TechRules se distingue par ses plus de 25 ans d’expérience sur le marché et son leadership dans la mise en œuvre de ses développements technologiques en Espagne, en Amérique latine et en Europe.


La nouvelle révolution technologique s’appelle API, un concept dont l’influence est devenue beaucoup plus grande que prévu et qui, petit à petit, transforme complètement le secteur, au point que ne pas les utiliser serait nager à contre-courant.

TechRules selected as Best FinTech Company 2019 and Best Front Wealth Management Solution with TechRules TOWER

TechRules leading the FinTech industry in the Technology Innovation Awards 2019.

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TechRules ( continue leading the FinTech industry at an international level for the fifth consecutive year the technology innovator awards by CV Magazine


TechRules was selected as:



Best FinTech Company 2019



Best Front Wealth Management Solution: TechRules TOWER.


The awards have boosted TechRules as one of the top FinTech firms enabling the digital transformation of the financial services industry. Moreover, this award recognises TechRules’ constant innovation effort to adapt and evolve in order to satisfy the most demanding needs from major international financial firms. And this is why TOWER was chosen as Best Front Wealth Management Solution 2019.


Once again TechRules, from its 20 years of history, is taking the lead in innovation and service delivery through its solutions for financial firms.


We dedicate these awards to the professionalism and excellence of our team, always giving outstanding quality service to our customers across all markets.


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TechRules ( continúa como Fintech destacada de la industria internacional brillando de nuevo en la celebración, por quinto año consecutivo, de los Premios de Innovación Tecnológica de CV Magazine.


TechRules ha sido seleccionada como:



Mejor empresa FinTech en 2019



Mejor Frontal para solución de Wealth Management: TechRules TOWER.


Los premios han reforzado el posicionamiento de TechRules como Fintech destacada para la transformación del ecosistema digital para entidades financieras, además de reconocer el esfuerzo constante de innovación de TOWER ( para adaptarse y evolucionar constantemente y cubrir las necesidades de sus clientes más exigentes intenacionalmente. Por este motivo ha sido seleccionada como mejor solución frontal de Wealth Management 2019.


TechRules, una vez más desde hace más de 20 años, está liderando en innovación y servicio en soluciones para entidades financieras.


Dedicamos una vez más estos premios a la excelencia y experiencia de nuestro equipo de profesionales que lo hacen posible en todos los países.


TechRules as one of the most innovative WealthTech companies in the world


TechRules has been chosen as one of the 100 most innovative WealthTech companies.


The list is created in order to showcase all the companies that every leader in the wealth and asset management industries needs to know about.

As part of the fast growing and demanding Wealthtech sector that has increased five times faster since 2014 it has come to the industry’s attention the huge impact this new digital models are making. The standout companies were chosen by a panel of industry experts and analysts who reviewed an analysis of over 1,000 WealthTech companies undertaken by FinTech Global, a data and research firm. The solution providers making the final list were recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, or to generate cost savings or efficiency improvements across the investment value chain.


With more than 20 years of experience providing Wealth Management Solutions, TechRules has been able to take part of this list by always showing a disruptive technology and special involvement in R&D with lasting digital impact in the WealthTech industry.


The companies has been selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts that can be classified as WealthTech innovation leaders and also that could prove the significance of the problem the solution solves, constant growth, innovation of technology solutions, impact in the value of chain (potential cost saving, efficiency improvement) and how important is for executives in asset management, private banking and financial advisory to be aware of this innovative companies.