Digitalisation, the required way to confront the crisis in the financial industry

The situation originated in the coronavirus pandemic is new for the current generation, who had never confronted a similar landscape before, fortunately.


The quick dissemination of this illness has forced the governments in all affected countries to impose quarantines to stop the virus expansion its effects on people’s health.


The consequences of these decisions are extreme for the economy and, by extension, for financial markets. Last days, stock exchanges experienced hard losses and they show the panic against a so-called “black swan”, an unlikely event that change all forecasts inside out. Under these circumstances, many investors watch how their assets lose value rapidly and claim for advisory. However, they cannot visit the branch of their private bank or their financial adviser. How could financial professionals respond to this situation?


Most of these financial professionals work already with digital solutions, but this situation forces to deepen in them. TechRules proposes a small strategy for this crisis to be applied by our customer or other entities and professionals that have similar tools:



1. Use digital tools to communicate your clients.


First of all, send an e-mail or Whatsapp to all with a calming corporate message. Explain how they can communicate to you and offer a chance for conference-calls or directly through our wealth management solution, where everything is registered.


2. Remember that your clients have digital tools available to follow their portfolios.


TechRules interfaces are intuitive and usable. It is important that the clients have available all information updated about their portfolios and with the chance to ask for rebalance, although managers should control their panic in order that their decisions will be the most reasonable. Watching trustworthy and clear data brings calm.


The use of digital tools contributes to more efficiency in procedures, because TechRules platforms allow the implementation of digital signatures. Additionally, the interfaces have multi device access and portfolios can be followed through web and app for both mobile and tablet.


3. Professionals have to manage their CRM in an agile way to respond quickly and organised their clients.


An online platform can be connected from any place. Under these circumstances, managers are teleworking. Multiaccess makes possible to keep competitivity and satisfy the clients’ demands immediately. Additionally, access to tools is also immediate through personal passwords and secure access interfaces. So, managers and advisers can check the portfolios, follow up the risks and performance evolution or create new alerts for their clients, and change scheduled rebalancing.


4. Communication should be kept with regular reports about all the changes that markets experience.


Automatic portfolio reports, scheduled mailing every certain period with adjusted texts by default or reports about activity or rebalances. So, investors will feel that they always have an ally in the distance that is watching for their interests thanks to digital tools.


This communication strategy can be applied easily through TechRules solutions. They allow us to offer our professional clients to solve digitally the full cycle of their needs and the ones of their individual clients in all what refers to online investments and portfolio management, from the accurate follow up of alerts through their CRM to communication, proposals and document delivery ready to be digitally signed up, apart from the communication channels required from the same solution. Finally, clients can watch and understand their portfolios and financial positions from any device.


The current crisis will mean a turning point for the whole financial industry. Black swan risks, as the current one, with its effects on markets, will force to deepen in the existing digitalisation and rule a new way of working that will result in more productivity and competitivity. The platforms that better respond to the specific needs of the investment companies, and are more intuitive and usable, will succeed, because they will create the base of all kind of business: trustworthiness. This trustworthiness will be consolidated from now on through robust in security and flexible in use digital systems. Techrules, a cutting-edge company in the field of investment management for more than 20 years in Spain and with a wide international experience, has developed Tower as a strong solution so that strategies, as the above-mentioned, can be applied even in such extreme situations as the current ones for financial business.

WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2020 Winners Interview TechRules

A look into TechRules’ strengths and vision for the industry in 2020



At the past WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2020, Jaime Bolivar, TechRules Managing Director, shared some of the key components for TechRules’s success for the last 20 years and stated that their customer-centric approach and listening to their clients has always been a key factor to deliver the best platform possible to each customer. He also stated that an essential part of the success comes from an experienced and passionate team that is constantly looking to deliver the best possible experience.


“The Award for Best Client Reporting reflects that TechRules is on the right track and moves us to continue on delivering the highest level of service to our clients.”

TechRules crowned best client reporting at the Wealthbriefing Swiss Awards 2020

The solution was seen both flexible and adaptable to particular needs and appearances


TechRules, one of the foremost WealthTech company was last night crowned ‘Best client reporting’ at the 7th WealthBriefing Swiss Awards. The glittering awards dinner was held at the Hotel President Wilson, Geneva.



As one of many firms to be shortlisted in the Best Client Reporting category, the triumph is yet another milestone in the Company’s drive to be recognized as one of the pre-eminent players in the competitive Wealth Management space.


Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards were designed to recognise companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have ‘demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2019’.


Commenting on the firm’s triumph, Jaime Bolivar, Managing Director, TechRules said: “We are delighted to have been voted the winner of this prestigious award by so many of the industry’s great and good. It is a great honour to be recognised in these awards, and testament to the hard work that the team have put. Everyone has really pulled together to ensure we continue to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, and move us that bit closer to our goal of being recognised as a Best client reporting in the Wealth Management space”.


ClearView Financial Media CEO, and Publisher of WealthBriefing, Stephen Harris, was first to extend his congratulations to all the winners. He said: “The firms who triumphed in these awards are all worthy winners, and I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations. These awards were judged solely on the basis of entrants’ submissions and their response to a number of specific questions, which had to be answered focusing on the client experience, not quantitative performance metrics. That is a unique, and I believe, compelling feature. These awards recognise the very best operators in the private client industry, with ‘independence’, ‘integrity’ and ‘genuine insight’ the watchwords of the judging process – such that the awards truly reflect excellence in wealth management.


For media enquiries, journalists should contact:
Name Begoña Rubio
Business development & Marketing Director




About Winning Company


TechRules, founded in 1999 with headquarters in Madrid, Spain, and offices in London, Benelux, Chile, México and Perú, is a market leader in the Wealth Management space and offers multiple solutions to answers all of the issues individuals in the financial are face with a team of highly skilled from the financial and technological sector and have empowered it to develop solutions and escalate productivity leading to gaining momentum and enhance its global consulting services. The products that TechRules deploys are API.enabled which allows the organization to easily integrate an individual solutions or complete Wealth Management platform.


About ClearView Financial Media Ltd (“ClearView”)


ClearView Financial Media was founded by Chief Executive, Stephen Harris in 2004, to provide high quality ‘need to know’ information for the discerning private client community. London-based, but with a truly global focus, ClearView publishes the Family Wealth Report group of newswires, along with research reports and newsletters, while also running a pan-global thought-leadership events programme.

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WealthTech Views: Looking into 2020 with TechRules

With Jaime Bolivar, General Manager, TechRules


2020 sees an increase in demand for real-time information about positions for clients in all wealth segments, according to Jaime Bolivar, General Manager at TechRules. The challenge is to be able to harness data and to be able to present it in real-time and in an easily consumable and customizable format.


Challenges: What do you see as the main technology and technology-related challenges for the wealth management sector through 2020?


Regulatory demands and compliance are the main challenges that we perceive for the wealth management sector. Current regulations are wide, diverse and progressively more protective to final clients. Technology has to provide the market with more efficient and flexible solutions in order to satisfy both sides: professionals will obtain tools easy to tailor to new legal changes and transparency demands; and final clients will interact with more friendly interfaces to fulfill their profiling tests.


On the other hand, technological providers have to work deeper in solutions so that managers are able to create their own proposal and interface for their clients, as all of them want to be more independent and technologically autonomous. This trend is a great challenge because providers perceive that they are working against their own business. Conversely, we consider it an opportunity to work in new higher-value services, as we have been doing for 20 years.


Opportunities: What do you see as the main technology and technology-related opportunities for the wealth management sector through 2020?


We consider that there are two points for 2020 linked to technological business opportunities as providers: user experience and financial planning, TechRules expertise. First, wealth managers are asking for more attractive onboarding interfaces that are easy to adapt and change for their own needs. Second, the demand for financial planning solutions raised substantially last year and will continue to do so this year. It is a way to offer more personal services for clients and offer better reporting of their current and future positions. Of course, solutions to reduce costs and obtain a global vision for the managers are the usual trend that stays on track.


Market focus: When considering your wealth management clients and prospects, where are they currently focusing their technology investments and resources: clients, advisers/staff or their business infrastructure?


Wealth managers still ask for solutions for their own tasks and productivity to meet their customer-specific financial goals. Those are the main trend, but we have perceived a relevant increase in demands of solutions to offer real-time information about their positions for clients in all kinds of segments, from high net worth individuals to small investors. The sector is step by step turning more to satisfy specific information demands for clients, as the companies compete with a lot of open sources. Trusted data and user-friendly tools can be distinguishing features.


Excite: When you look at the technology capabilities and resources now available to the wealth management sector, as a solution provider, what excites you most in 2020?


We have worked in several innovative trends and will keep pace in 2020 in AI, big data, business intelligence, asset tokenization, as well as easy onboarding processes and apps for final clients. Our developments and answers to our customer portfolio will focus on these services, strengthening the results that we have already obtained, as we consider that they have the largest projection and can bring very transformational tools.


Your support: Finally, as a solution provider to the wealth management sector, what will you be doing in 2020 to help your clients and prospects meet their main technology and technology-related business needs?


Apart from working in the innovative trends already mentioned, we will keep on listening to our customers to develop tailored solutions for their specific needs, as it is part of our core business. We meet their expectations because we create agile and flexible methodologies and tools to adapt to their resources. This brings the chance of making them scalable for all kinds of segments and stimulates their business growth.

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A new step forward: TechRules adds tokenisation

Is it a blockchain? Is it a bitcoin? No, it is… token!


earn this word if you work in finance because it is the new trend to value assets and trade with them. Originally, it was a unit that you could buy in order to receive a service or a good. For instance, tokens are traditionally used to bet in casinos. Now, it is linked with technology and it is part of the blockchain vocabulary. Tokens can be used to exchange products and services, to obtain rights or to be applied as a guarantee.


TechRules is constantly looking and investing in the most innovative new technological trends. Blockchain has already been applied in several financial systems because of its safety in transactions and registrations. As a derivative, tokens can be sold and bought through blockchain. The main advantage is that any asset can be divided into small tokens. That process impacts not only traditional traded assets like equities or bonds but also more illiquid ones, like real estate or fine arts. With tokens, you can acquire a digital part of a masterpiece. Or even a part of a building. This new kind of coin opens the door for millions of new investors who could not invest by now in these type of assets.


Would you like to set data in Tower for a tokenised real estate? Add the main data and information, the global price and the token price. The system will create a chart to follow the token evolution in the market. The module provides also this feature for equities and fine arts. The addition of this new technology offers two advantages for our Tower clients: first, they show that they watch new opportunities for final investors and offer them immediately in a simple way, and second, they can enlarge their customer base, as token prices are more accessible.


Would you like to set data in Tower for a tokenised real estate? Add the main data and information, the global price and the token price. The system will create a chart to follow the token evolution in the market. The module provides also this feature for equities and fine arts. The addition of this new technology offers two advantages for our Tower clients: first, they show that they watch new opportunities for final investors and offer them immediately in a simple way, and second, they can enlarge their customer base, as token prices are more accessible.


Forget the technical jargon, because you just have to learn that tokens are soon going to be the new coin for more kinds of assets. Are you going to avoid the chance of being in the front line of the industry? Tower’s cutting-edge technology backed by TechRules’ knowledge will guarantee your a prominent position in this new trend.

Une nouvelle avancée révolutionnaire pour les actifs financiers: La tokenisation

Si vous travaillez dans le secteur financier, vous devez en entendre de plus en plus parler, c’est la nouvelle tendance dans la valorisation et la négociation des actifs


La tokenisation est la création de la représentation numérique d’un actif sur une blockchain. À l’origine, c’est une unité ou jeton numérique que vous pouvez acheter pour recevoir un service ou un bien. Par exemple, les jetons sont traditionnellement utilisés pour parier dans les casinos. Aujourd’hui, ce dispositif est lié à la technologie et fait partie du vocabulaire de la blockchain. Les tokens ou jetons numériques peuvent être utilisés pour échanger des produits et services, pour obtenir des droits ou pour être utilisés comme garantie.



La tokenisation pour les actifs financiers représente l’inscription d’un actif et de ses droits sur un token pour en permettre la gestion et l’échange en peer-to-peer sur une blockchain. Cela a lieu d’une manière instantanée et sécurisée. Nous sommes convaincus que ce concept aura un impact au niveau international et contribuera à rendre les marchés des capitaux plus efficients et plus équitables.


Notre société, TechRules, est toujours à l’affût des nouvelles tendances et détecte immédiatement celles qui peuvent être couronnées de succès. La blockchain a déjà vu son application dans plusieurs systèmes financiers en raison de sa sécurité renforcée dans les transactions et les enregistrements. En tant que produit dérivé, les tokens peuvent être vendus et achetés par le biais d’une blockchain.


Le principal avantage est que tout bien peut être divisé en petits tokens. Ce processus permet de tokeniser non seulement les actifs traditionnels négociés, comme les actions, les obligations, les fonds d’investissements et biens d’autres, mais aussi des actifs non liquides, comme les biens immobiliers ou les œuvres d’art.


Avec les tokens, vous pouvez acquérir une partie numérique d’un chef-d’œuvre ou même une partie d’un bâtimenten les représentant sous la forme de jetons numériques sur une blockchain. Ce nouveau
processus ouvre la porte à des millions de nouveaux investisseurs qui n’ont pas encore pu investir dans ces actifs. Une nouvelle ère s’ouvre ainsi pour les actifs financiers: leur digitalisation. Certes, nous sommes au début de cette ère et les autorités de régulation devront se pencher sur la question mais le mouvement est lancé et offre de grandes possibilités aux marchés d’étendre leur base d’investisseurs


Les avantages de ce nouveau concept sont multiples. Il offre une sécurité renforcée grâce à la technologie de la blockchain, il assure un gain important en termes de rapidité et d’efficacité car il permet de travailler en tout numérique et de supprimer l’utilisation de papier et il entraîne enfin une réduction des coûts liés à ces transactions car les processus demandent moins d’intermédiaires. Ce concept permet de tokeniser des actifs de toute sortes, de les fractionner en parts identiques, de les stocker, de les sécuriser, d’en consigner les transactions et d’en acter la propriété à tout moment.


TechRules, qui dispose déjà de Tower, la plateforme modulaire basée sur des API destinées aux sociétés et aux professionnels financiers, concentre aujourd’hui son
équipe de Recherche & Développement sur un nouveau module visant à tokeniser tout actif et le négocier sur les marchés secondaires. Notre conception simple et intuitive associée à notre technologie efficace pour fournir les données les plus précises sont la clé du développement de cette nouvelle fonctionnalité.


Vous voulez introduire des données dans Tower pour un bien immobilier tokenisé ? Il suffit d’ajouter les principales données et informations, le prix global et le prix tokenisé. Le système créera un graphique pour suivre l’évolution du marché. Le module offrira cette fonctionnalité pour les actions et les œuvres d’art. L’ajout de cette nouvelle technologie offre deux avantages à nos clients Tower : premièrement, ils montrent ainsi qu’ils sont à l’affût de nouvelles opportunités pour les investisseurs finaux et qu’ils les offrent immédiatement de manière simple, et deuxièmement, ils peuvent élargir leur clientèle, car les prix tokenisés sont plus accessibles.


La tokenisation des actifs financiers est en train de transformer la manière dont les investisseurs abordent la gestion du patrimoine et notamment des actifs non liquides comme les œuvres d’art et les
biens immobiliers. La digitalisation des actifs financiers permettra de donner aux investissements privés un formidable coup d’accélérateur. Elle permettra d’assurer une plus grande diversification des investissements pour une base plus large de clients. Participer à cette tendance est un choix stratégique posé par Techrules. C’est une nouvelle ère qui s’ouvre, et nous avons choisi d’y participer pleinement.

TechRules at the Global WealthTech Summit

TechRules, at the Global WealthTech Summit in London, explained at a glance their main features and how to face the most demanding needs of the new digital ecosystem.



The financial industry is facing several challenges: Regulation, Digitalization, fee pressure, passive vs. active investment and the new generation.

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TechRules new headquarters

We continue growing.


We are pleased to announce we have moved our Madrid headquarters. With a constantly growing team, we needed a new, larger, higher-capacity space to continue developing innovations in the financial sector.




Our focus has always been on constant growth


With more than 20 years of experience, and thanks to an excellent team, we have managed to perceive, be part and create some of the most disruptive technological innovations, and we want to make sure that, just as our passion for technology continues to grow, so do our team and clients.




Want to join for a coffee?


We would love for you to see our new office and innovation centre, where we can talk about the latest technological trends in the financial sector and our approach to them at TechRules.


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TechRules and Mediafin launch a new edition of their gamification solution ‘Rallye Boursier’ with a focus in social sharing.

A key component for digital transformation journey in the financial industry: Omnipresence and interactive experience


TechRules alongside with Mediafin has launched a new edition of their financial game ‘Rallye Boursier’. This gamification initiative, that looks to help investors with different experience levels, whether is a new investor, a student or a financial expert, to improve their knowledge of the stock market and investment funds competing to win prices of up to 10.000€.



The simulation game allows users to invest in the same way as an investor will do in real-life using a digital, API-Structured platform, improving the interaction and social reach through competitiveness. Users will have a new feature available that will allow them to create teams with their family, friends, classmates or co-workers and follow their performance, share investment ideas and compete among each other sharing and interacting through social media.


With this new feature, TechRules is trying to reach a new generation of future investors. Not to mention, that giving the opportunity to keep track of their investment portfolio on a daily basis and share their results in social media, will provide engagement accelerating the learning curve.


“One of the innovations of this year’s edition is for investors to create teams during the game in order to compare their performance in a specific group of people”



Some other features that users will have available are:


  • Performance view of the portfolio
  • Access to main stocks market and investment funds
  • Transaction history
  • Asset distribution by type, currency or category of the assets
  • An overall performance or team performance ranking
  • Relevant news of the market
  • Daily quizzes

TechRules, as a WealthTech leader solution provider, continues to focus on the latest digital and financial trends to constantly improve their solutions adapting to the ever-changing digital world for financial institutions to improve their digital strategy with customer-based digital platforms.