The API economy as key component for digital transformation

In a digital environment, flexibility and change are critical factors to success. Faced with an ever more demanding compliance environment, the financial services industry's goal has been one of transparency and simplicity. Control and access to customer data has been helped by digitalisation.

To accomplish this, there are new initiatives and processes to connect with customers without compromising safety.

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TechRules API Library is a complete high standard API Wealth Management Marketplace, coming out of our more than 25 years of experience in digital wealth management solutions. Our market place has a complete list of independent and specific features available.

Why do you need TechRules API Library?


The API revolution is fast becoming a priority for many in the financial services industry.

It allows the banks to adopt this disruptive technology in a better and simpler way enabling change and increased competitiveness with the "new players" in the market.

Access to a complete range of wealth management tools to make it easy for advisors and end users.

Plan and analyze, generate investment proposals, create and rebalance portfolios. Our marketplace offers financial entities tools to specific task automating a specific workflow for the complete advisory process.

Portfolio Analysis API LIBRARY

Portfolio analysis tools to help portfolio managers to measure performance, risk, allocation and characteristics for multiple portfolios and asset classes, making the best decision.

APIs for disruptive technology

Includes a wide variety of features, able to transform your curret system into a tailor-made advisory service

APIs: Portfolio Analytics

All you need to track your portfolios taking into account absolute and relative risk, performance and valuations

APIs: Advice

Financial planning objectives for medium and long term investments

APIs: Data Feeds

Manage and access full and large-scale cleaned database for Data analytics used in all the wealth management

APIs: Investment tools

Set of data features to get an immediate visual outlook of the investments

APIs: Model Portfolios

Get an independent investment portfolio strategy with a deep understanding of asset allocation and categorisation

APIs: Calculation

Key volatility and risk calculations ready to be used for taking the best investment decision process

APIs Features


Easy integration with in-house or third-party solutions


Try specific solution or boost current systems


Be more competitive and adapt to the new trends


Legal compliance made simple with specific APIs


Ready for desktop and mobile

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