TechRules, smart solutions for a complex financial world

Wealth management solutions for better customer experience

TechRules works since its very beginning in solutions to improve the outcome in wealth management and the customer experience in your core business. We have developed modular and scalable solutions with four main goals:

  • Improve the management in investment portfolios.

  • Obtain accurate and clear financial information to take better-informed investment decisions.

  • Manage and reduce investment risks and promote capital preservation.

  • Provide communication channels to attract individuals to financial services.


We solve specific demands

TechRules develops several solutions that can be implemented globally or as modules to solve specific client demands for all kind of business sizes. Our flexibility creating multilingual and multi-asset class portfolios is our main advantage. We also provide a strong support by our experts, as our relationship with our clients becomes a partnership.


Specialist in the whole cycle of the wealth management process

The company has a full knowledge in the global cycle of the wealth management and implements continuously new solutions from market data management, to portfolio building, portfolio management, financial planning, investment proposals, CRM and reporting supported in all kind of channels, as service-oriented architecture, web and mobile.

Tell us your specific demand and we will find the best FinTech solution for you.