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Digital transformation and wealth management solutions, your global FinTech reference

TechRules is a global leader in financial services technology which offers a broad range of solutions in retail and personal banking, private wealth managers, fund managers, asset and portfolio managers, IFAs and family offices, as well as providing financial consulting and outsourcing services.

Through automation and digital transformation, our clients may offer their products and financial services with our sophisticated online solutions, in a efficient and quick matter through multiple distribution channels. All solutions are compliance with the local regulation for each country.

More than 25 years of expertice and a high qualified group of experts to assure the successful development of all our solutions throughout the entire process. Scale your business and build strong relationship with your customers to improve results.

Cutting edge technology


highly qualified experts

have enabled us to broaden our available solution sets, scale our operations, develop our global consulting expertise, expand and diversify our customer base and strengthen our competitive position. We speak your FinTech business language, as we know very well the financial sector and its needs.


modular solutions

Our modular solutions can be deployed as stand-alone products or as part of an integrated wealth management platform. TechRules partners with major financial institutions in delivering a wide range of wealth management solutions.


comprehensive suite

of API enabled platforms enables financial institutions to integrate and streamline their operations and back-office processes, thereby improving customer interaction and control across all channels.

FinTech experts

that engages our customer┬┤s project

TechRule┬┤s staff is a highly qualified group of experts in finances and technology. We speak your FinTech business language, as we know very well the financial sector and its needs. That is why our clients find in TechRules far more from a technological provider: we immediately become their best partner.

Drives change on the organization in order to develop the team skills and lead the team towards excellence and results

Jaime Bolivar

Managing Director

Leadership and experience on working together with clients to design strategies and valuable insights to foresee innovative solutions

Ra├║l Lacaci

Managing Director

Responsible on achieving a competitive advantage through high performance team management, leadership and coaching

Cr├şspulo Escudero Benito


Key role in local and international alliances in the financial services industry, selecting as well international partners .
Technology solutions for a successful digital transformation of the financial industry.

Bego├▒a Rubio

International Partners & Marketing Director

Successful experience in Project management, Program management and portfolio management

C├ęsar Serrano

Consulting lead

Sales responsable of technology based solutions and business development in Banking and finance Industry

Javier Carrallo

Sales Manager

Wide experience as Project Manager/Account Manager in a wide variety of business applications and technologies

Jose Manuel Cajal

PMO Manager

Valuable experience on finances for different markets and companies give a strong direction on model portfolio management

Sergio San Jose

Head of Model Portfolios

Add value to the business through knowledge and experience in technology, competence on data and system management

Carmen Hoyos


Responsible of the development team with a background experience in the Tower integration team

David Jimenez

Development Manager

Build strong and lasting relationships with our customers by providing an exceptional support service

Guilermo Villamil

Support and Maintenance Lead

Enhancing employment relationship, human resources policies programs and practices to improve the business relationship

Luis Aparicio

Human Resource Manager

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