Commitment to Social Responsibility

Fundación I&C, Inversión y Cooperación
is the cornerstone of the ETS-TechRules group, founded by the Bolivar family in 2005 with the aim of promoting social action and development cooperation projects. I&C offers NGOs and foundations education in managing their financial resources in the best possible way, proposing new ways other than donations to enable the generation of resources intended to promote various social-assitance and action projects.

Principles for action

The main guiding principles for this foundation’s work are:

  • Transparency in the use of resources

  • Pluralism in selecting beneficiaries

  • Relevance in their actions, ensuring that they contribute towards solving real problems and needs

  • Selectivity over initiatives and projects, examining them continuosly

  • Participation in activities and projects

  • Excellence in the criteria for selection of participating institutions


Nowadays, I&C promotes and takes part directly in three main projects:

  • Quipu Technology SAC: a software factory in Peru founded in 2006 to generate a stable source of employment among youth with IT studies

  • Mutuafondo Inversión y Cooperación: a solidarity fund, managed using ETS quantitative methodologies. The fee charged by this fund (after deducting the management’s administration fee) is set aside entirely for projects of development co-operation. In this way, investors benefit from proven high-quality management, retain their wealth and collaborate through the management fees charged by the fund in the co-operative development projects in which I&C takes part.

  • Micro-credits Project in Peru: a micro-credit project, developed in collaboration with a local NGO (CESAL) at a human settlement in Lima.

Apart from these projects in which I&C takes part directly, the foundation also supports various NGOs in several initiatives which can be found on their website. Fundación I&C, Inversión y Cooperación was created with the intention of contributing to projects of social action and development co-operation. The foundation’s board comprises various members of the Bolivar family, who are personally and professionally involved in each of the projects.

President: D. Jorge Bolívar Almela

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